How to Build a Stock Watchlist (For Beginners & Pros) in Google Sheets


You will learn how to build watchlists based on a methodology that suits you. This will help you by comparing similar stocks and also save you a lot of time in the future. Possibly as much as 1-4 years. Continue Reading…

Fabrice Grinda: Angel Investor Extraordinaire and Polymath

Fabrice Grinda 25 minuter podcastThis is a summary of my conversation with Fabrice Grinda for 25 Minuter Podcast, in which we covered topics such as marketplace companies, angel investing, how to know a lot about many things, decision making, self-improvement and book recommendations.

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So You Wanna be a Comprehensivist?

ComprehensivistLast time it was all about Specialists, and how that’s probably the best thing to do before one is under the age of 30.

The average person should choose a well-paid profession and specialize.

Now, let’s see how that compares to someone who’s a Comprehensivist.

We will examine some people who left an exceptional mark on mankind, by combining uncommon knowledge. Some of them also got rich.Continue Reading…

Forsys: Next 10x Opportunity?

Forsys Metals

Uranium: Precious like Spice on Arrakis

The best Uranium Buy at $85-125/lbs  

DISCLOSURE: This article is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. I hold a long-term position in Forsys Metals Corp.


Scenario Analysis:

  • Bear case: -50% or standstill for 3 years.
  • Base case: 10x in 3-4 years.
  • Bull case: 50x in 5 years.

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Should You Be a Generalist or a Specialist?

generalist vs specialistAre you more of a specialist or a generalist? Plan your career accordingly.

Let’s assume we have four categories when it comes to monetizable skills and career expertise:

  • Low-skilled: Not good enough at anything.
  • Hyperspecialist: Great at one area of expertise.
  • Generalist: Good enough at several areas of expertise.
  • Comprehensivist: Great at several areas of expertise.

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7 Powerful Benefits of Keeping a Workout Log

workout log

This is a guest post by Daniel Richter, CEO of StrengthLog, a workout log app for tracking your strength training.

In this article, Daniel outlines 7 benefits of keeping a workout log and explains why it’s a great habit. Continue Reading…

Unfounded Hype vs Underestimated Potential

unfounded hypeCathy Wood/ARK Invest bought some RoBlox yesterday.

A 65-year old woman hyper-bullish on tech stocks and cryptocurrencies. Must be a rather remarkable woman?

A Google search says she is one of the wealthiest women in America.

But that’s not the topic for today’s discussion.Continue Reading…

New Year, New Thoughts for 2021

Last year this time I sat down and made a huge document of all possible things I could do. Then I prioritized them.

In the next days I will do the same.

I’m happy to say I’ve over-achieved my goal for 2020. Which makes me thinkContinue Reading…