Now Finished: The Future Skills Program

Hi friends,

I’m excited to tell you that we’ve now completed the Future Skills Program and will do our first (scaled-up) run of the program, starting on Sunday 14th.

The past couple of days I’ve been sending lots of emails and communicating with applicants and the people scheduled for our first run. In doing this, I’ve received some recurring questions which I will now do my best to answer.

What is the Future Skills Program?

The Future Skills Program is an interactive online course about Decision Making and Risk Management For Your Career and Finances. It is presented by myself and Mikael Syding (European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade 2000-2009).

Who is it for?

Young and ambitious people at the beginning of their career looking for a faster upward trajectory, and older more experienced people looking for highly specific advice in joining the top 5% of earners.

By joining the Future Skills Program, you will be more likely to:

1) Get into the right career early and thereby extend your learning curve.

2) Become a partner, move to a higher paying job and get a raise or promotion.

3) Make and manage money in the markets by learning the fundamentals of value investing.

What is included? 

*5 Modules

*37 Videos

*Pdf summaries of each video

*Actionable Homework assessments for each step of the course

*Access to coaching and mentorship by email

You can see a full overview of all the contents that you will get access to, by looking at this page:

More details please; modules, videos, summaries, homework assignments, coaching?  

There are 5 separate modules, which we’ll go through one-by-one:

  • Module 1 – Specialization for Your Early Career. You will learn the key considerations for the first phase of your career (the first 5-10 years; or up to age 30-35), as you make the decision to gain an initial specialization and then how you go about expanding upon it.
  • Module 2 – Advanced Career Advice: You will learn what it takes to join the top 5% of earners. Specifically, there are 4 career paths you can take: becoming a hyperspecialist, a CEO or senior manager, an investor, or pursuing entrepreneurship.
  • Module 3 – General Career Advice: You will learn how to get ahead in your career faster than others by applying four little-known tactics. These tactics are universally applicable and will make a positive difference regardless of your age or line of work.
  • Module 4 – How to Build a Network: You will learn the practical tools and methods required for meeting new people, gaining useful connections, and building a social network.
  • Module 5 – Financial Knowledge and Money Management: You will learn the fundamentals of successful value investing and how to shorten your learning curve as an investor. You’ll also learn how to find and develop your own investment style, how to deal with your emotions when making complex decisions, how to manage risk, how to buy low and sell high, and how to find lucrative business and investing ideas.

I present these three modules: (1) Specialization, (3) General Career Advice, and (4) Networking. Mikael presents these two modules: (2) Advanced Career Advice and (5) Finance. Overall, I believe the “time-and-depth-ratio” is roughly 35/65 – with Mikael’s two modules being longer and more detailed.

As for the videos; they’re short, practical, and to-the-point. You’ll either receive 2 videos of 5 minute length, or one longer video at 10+ minutes, for every two weeks. You can see a sample of two videos on this page.

[Specialization Module: Video 6 – Become T-Shaped (Jack-of-All-Trades, and Master in at Least One)

[Finance Module: Video 12 The FAMINE 5-step Investment Process (F+A): Filtering And Analyzing]

The videos are accompanied by pdf summaries and actionable homework assignments to implement the ideas and advice in your life. During each of these 2-week periods, you can ask us for help and coaching (by email) with regards to the specific homework and material covered during the period.

As for the coaching and mentorship, you can read more here.

What is expected of me in terms of Time commitment, results, etc?

We have portioned up The Future Skills Program in bi-weekly spurts (new material and assessments every two weeks), to ensure that even busy individuals will be able to keep up and make room for the course.

While the materials are comprehensive, we have structured the contents in such a way that you can complete the videos and homework assignments in just 30 minutes every 2 weeks. (Thus a total of 1 hour per month).

We have done this to accommodate those of you who have very demanding work and study schedules.

You can obviously put in a lot more time and effort than that, but that’s the minimal time commitment.

I’ve listened to your podcast(s); how does the material differ? 

The podcasts are free, this is paid and application-only.

As far as the material goes, some of it is similar. For example, two videos are about how to use the 4 Capitals framework to be more effective in using your time and planning ahead….

That was discussed on the Podcast in an episode, but we only explained the idea — not the practical steps for applying it. Same thing with one of Mikael’s financial videos. Other than that, I believe the remaining 34 videos and other materials are brand new.

Will the things I learn become outdated 3-5 years from now?

No, it will not. We specifically made the Future Skills Program to be evergreen and perennial – based in fundamentals and relevant over the long-term, irrespective of trends. This is not a get-rich-quick thing; it’s for people who are already doing something good, and want to be even better.

Where can I read more?

You can see the overview here and apply for the Program at the bottom – and we’ll contact you when spots open up.

If you have further questions, leave a comment below or email me at ludvig[at]

Wishing you a nice week,


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