Announcing: The Investing Course

Since making the Swedish finance course several years ago together with Mikael Syding, we’ve had a ton of people asking:

“When is the English version coming?”


The Investing Course is a 6 week long online course that teaches you how to find, analyze and value stocks.

(To be clear: This is not a course about short-term trading, crypto, Forex, options, or whatever is currently popular on TikTok.)

The core emphasis is on fundamental analysis, understanding business models, and finding out whether a stock is cheap by using valuation methods.

In the Investing Course you will learn:

  1. How to find worthwhile stocks
  2. How to analyze different types of stocks (based on their industry)
  3. How to see if a stock is cheap by using 7 methods of valuation
  4. How to interpret company reports and understand financial ratios
  5. How to build a Watchlist for monitoring stocks over the long-term
  6. How to rank your investment ideas by risk and reward
  7. How to write a compelling investment case to share with others

And much more….

You will learn the fundamental skills used by professional stock analysts.

After completing the course you will:

  1. Have analyzed and made a valuation for your first stock
  2. Receive a list of ~100 good stocks from different categories worth analyzing (and perhaps adding to your portfolio)
  3. Have started a Watchlist system for monitoring stocks with target prices and various other metrics, which will help you greatly over the long-term

You will also have continued access to all the course materials and the alumni community.

We are excited for the Investing Course and think it’ll be great.

More info to come…

So — if you want to learn the important skill of valuation and how to analyze stocks, join the waiting list below and you’ll be first to know when we launch.

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