Contrast to Past: Is Modern Man More Motivated than 300+ years ago?

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I was in Norway (Stavanger) and climbed two mountains last week.

It was physically challenging, because I’d done squats the day before (120 kg x 6 reps).

When we hiked up one of those mountains, my brother told me: “ifContinue Reading…

Enter the Gauntlet

Ienter the gauntletn medieval Japan there was something called Musha shugy┼Ź: a samurai’s path to mastery.

Here’s how it used to work. . .

A young man, wanting to become a samurai, embarked on a journey–like a religious pilgrimage, a rite of passage–in order to test his mettle, learn strategy, challenge other warriors in duels, and build his skill set.

The purpose of Musha shugy┼Ź was to harden the young man; to hone his abilities until heContinue Reading…

How to Become a Momentum Machine: Combine Powerful Psychological Principles to Boost Motivation, Build Self-Esteem, And Be a Winner Every Day

blake-spiral-stairs“You’re a machine!”

“You’re always doing some stuff, it’s like you’re a machine man.”

“You’re a freaking machine dude — you just keep going forward.”


A lot of people have told me I’m a “machine” over the past 3 months.

The funny thing is that none of these people even know each other.Continue Reading…

9 Things You Need to Know to Unlock Your Natural Talents & Succeed in Life (Must-read advice if you want to be the best!)

The Top 9 Things You Must Know About Natural Talent to Succeed in Life

The Oracle of Delphi said: “Know Thyself.”

I say: Learn what it is in your nature to do, and learn how to do it well.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn how to do in this 4500-word article. So sit down, block off 30 minutes of your time, press f11 on your keyboard for immersion, and prepare to have your mind blown.

Repeatedly.Continue Reading…

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure and Develop the Will to Win

7054186821_5d273048fb_bHave you ever felt like you cared more about “not failing” than you cared about winning?

That you cared more about “appearing to be badass” than you cared about doing the things required to become a badass?Continue Reading…

The Real Reason Why You Should Focus on Leaving a Legacy

The Real Reason Why You Should Leave a Legacy2There comes a time in your life when you start thinking about what you will leave behind after you die. What will be your legacy? How will you be recorded into the annals of history?

“Enlightened” people will tell you to that it’s a pipe dream. That it’s a devious scheme devised by your ego toContinue Reading…

Why You Should Compare Yourself to the Greatest Men in History

Why You Should Compare Yourself with Great Historical MenHey friend,

Today you’re going to learn to do something that’s incredibly important in the long-term.

There isn’t much to explain, but there’s much to do. Continue Reading…

The Most Important Thing for how You Build Long-Term Motivation

Do you execute on plans only when you feel like it?

Do you postpone doing things until you feel motivated enough to take action?

If that’s the case then you’re being stupid.Continue Reading…