First Ever English Episode of 25 Minuter: Interview with the Multi-Talented Edmund Lowman

25 min google+I’ve been asked by lots of SGM readers (and other English speaking people) about 25 Minuter, the podcast I do together with Mikael Syding.

Unfortunately, all of our episodes are in Swedish. Until just now. . .

We just put out our first ever episode in English.

It’s an exhaustive interview with Edmund Lowman, who’s a former rock star, a successful serial entrepreneur, and an all-round interesting guy.

Edmund became famous with the band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus [footnote] Check out the song “Face Down” on YouTube — it has millions of views.  [/footnote] and made his first million dollars when he was just 25. Then he lost ALL of it in just 30 days (but not the way you think) and was forced to move all the way to Germany and stay with his brother, just to have somewhere to live.

10 years later and he’s created several successful businesses (three of them 7-figure) in very different niches. For example:

  • Italian Fashion Group (IFG) = clothing and design (for Zara, HM, and others).
  • Kekai Express = import and export services.
  • Slumber Party Hostel = biggest hostel chain in Thailand.

Edmund is also part of StartupBros, where he coaches entrepreneurs on things such as importing/exporting/product sourcing/operating in Asia.

How has Edmund been able to do all this? That’s what me and Mikael wanted to talk to him about.

So listen to the interview and let me know what you think about our first ever podcast episode in English!

You can connect with Edmund here:

Personal site | Twitter | Instagram

My favorite quote from Edmund in the interview:

On what it really takes to build a business (including an online business):

There’s so many people on the Internet these days who’re like, ‘Hey you’re gonna sit on the beach and drink Martinis and fucking have passive income and work from your computer’ — and — no, you fucking can’t. So, whoever’s listening to this and fucking thinks that’s what you’re going to do, you’re not. That’s not how it works. What happens is, you fuckin’ kill yourself for 3 or 4 years, maybe 10 years, and THEN you can do that shit, and hopefully you make money still. And that’s the reality.

You’re not gonna start an Internet business tomorrow, and be in fuckin Fiji, drinking Margaritas on the beach for the next 6 months, that’s not fucking life. The way it works is, you murder yourself, beat your shit into people’s brains and make them love you and make them buy your stuff, or listen to your podcast or fucking buy your clothes or stay at your hostel, and after YEARS of doing that, you get a team together that’s so good that you don’t have to–you start to work yourself out of the business…. at least every business I’ve ever started, eventually I can say that  it’s usually around 2-3 years that’s my timeline. After about 2-3 years, I start to work myself out of the business. I either become irrelevant and the business is optimized, or there’s people who are better than me at almost everything, and I’m really good at hiring people who are smarter than me. And so, I’m not needed anymore. And that’s usually how it works.


  1. Damn, I did not read the article and see Edmund’s prize until now, so I missed it. But after hearing this interview with him I REALLY wanted to win that course and learn from him.

  2. Wow he makes it seem so easy. I am a bit jealous I think. Clearly a smart and talented guy.

  3. Yes! Finally I was starting to think I would have to learn Swedish! Wow that song is AWESOME. I wonder how he will decide the best comment/question.

  4. Anonymous says

    Glad to finally be able to listen to your podcasts in English, Ludvig!

  5. Normally I’d take something like the normal 25 Minuter as a great way to get started with real-world Swedish, but wow, talk about jumping in the deep end! Maybe Pimsleur or something to start with, and work up to it…

    In the mean time, this is great stuff – and a 25 Minuter that clocks in at an hour and 40!

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