The Ultimate Commonplace System

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More than 1000 people have started a commonplace using TUCS.

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By: Ludvig Sunström, Host of Future Skills Podcast and Author of Breaking out of Homeostasis.

For: Everyone who works with ideas and information.

Learn what took me 4 years in less than a week:

  • Build a commonplace from scratch
  • Create an Archive of your work (that grows in value over time)
  • Work from your phone (if your job deals with info, ideas or people)
  • Store everything you learn & never lose an idea
  • Stop stuffing your head with trivialities and leave room for creativity
  • Organize your life & work (save +10 hours per week)



The Ultimate Commonplace System

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What’s Included?

The Ultimate Commonplace System is composed of 6 parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Fundamentals
  3. Low-Hanging Fruits
  4. Self-Reflection Systems
  5. Long-Term Systems
  6. And a Summary + FAQ


An introduction to the “Hows, Whys and Whats” of Commonplacing and why many successful people do it in different ways. Learn to draw upon previous work for the rest of your life. Includes–

  • Rose’s Archives: Why Charlie Rose Collects His Work & Uses it to Leave a Legacy
  • Darwin’s Secret: How to become an Innovator (Model the Work Habits of Charles Darwin)
  • Sandquist’s Patterns: The building blocks Billionaire Martin Sandquist used for hedge fund Lynx Asset Management ($52 Billion SEK in AUM – assets under management).

Part 1: The Fundamentals:

We cover the six fundamentals you need to get right from the get-go to build a robust commonplace system that grows in value and usefulness to you over time:

  1. Choosing a Medium: Physical or Digital (will be digital for 90% of people)
  2. Dividing Your Life in Areas
  3. Creating Instant Associations with Overview Documents
  4. Coming up with a “Swipe File” for Your Profession
  5. Making Ideation Effortless and Scaling-Up Your Research
  6. How to Improve Your Learning Process (Archive & Find)

Part 2: The Low-Hanging Fruits: 

These are simple-to-set-up-systems that yield an outsized benefit to your life by saving you time and simplifying your work. Includes:

  • Information Repository: A place to store all important but boring info.
  • 21 Types of Info to Collect to Save Time & Be More Effective
  • 3 Practical systems for staying on top of work and recurring tasks.
  • The Review File: A Mini-Library of Your Best Material for Work & Studies

Part 3: Self-Reflection Systems

A bunch of clever systems I devised to capitalize on spaced repetition. Hundreds have started using it (and reported good results) since I first showed how.

  • Daily Lessons
  • Weekly Planning
  • Monthly Summary
  • Annual Reflection

Part 4: Long-Term Systems

Three systems everyone can use to improve their life and career. It will be easiest for those who have a few years’ of professional experience. If so, this could double your income in a month or two. Includes:

  • Rolodex: Organize your social network for fun and profit.
  • Diagnostics: How to prevent long-term health issues (+ top health metrics to track).
  • Toolbox: Use this to get a raise/promotion/become a consultant.

Part 5: Summary and FAQ

We go through all of the previous materials and break it down into the absolute essentials. Also includes my answers to the most common questions from +100 emails received about commonplacing. Like:

  • How do I build a robust and scalable commonplace?
  • What should I store in my commonplace?
  • How do I set up automatic templates?

You Also Get 6 Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Four Systems for Clearer Thinking 

  • Decision Log
  • Project Analysis
  • Lessons/Mistakes
  • and Best Practice

Bonus 2: My Evernote Best Practices

Everything I regularly use (and think you might want to use). From shortcuts to special commands to the mindset I put into it…. distilled from 3 years of use. (Most of the functions are crap, but a few ones are essential.)

Bonus 3: My Self-Reflection, Planning and Goal-Setting Templates

I have created these templates by combining Evernote with the website IFTTT. You can easily modify my templates or use other methods (software integrations) to replicate it.

Bonus 4: How to Work from Your Phone

You will see my phone Set-Up. You will also learn how to apply what you learned in the main materials to your phone. Note: This only applies if your work deals with information, people, or ideas. Still, this one thing alone can add an extra 5-15 days to your year.

Bonus 5: Peek Inside the Commonplace of a Money Master

My friend and business partner Mikael Syding, European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade, contributes an overview of what he keeps in his commonplace system. Including:

  • His “Master Document”
  • His “Life Plan” (weekly time allocation)
  • His “Disaster Box”
  • His Investments (+a list of best practices)
  • and more


Bonus 6: One Commonplace Consult

When you get The Ultimate Commonplace System you will also gain one commonplace consult by email with me. Ask me your questions or have me take a look at your commonplace setup.

Product Details:

Price: $75.

Guarantee: You have one week to decide if TUCS is for you. If not, you are required to email your receipt to [email protected]

The Materials: All 6 Parts and Bonuses are pdf-documents. It’s written to be actionable (and easy to review for future use). You can get through it in a day if you’re fast. Implementing all the advice will take you at least several days. Probably more if you don’t already have a commonplace.

Requirements: Software for pdf-files (most computers have this by default). For creating a commonplace, I strongly recommend the software Evernote, but it’s not an absolute requirement. You could also use another note-taking app (OneNote, Simplenote, Google Docs, etc.)

Payment: You can pay by Card or Paypal.

Product Delivery: All materials will be delivered by email. Instructions provided upon purchase.

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What People Are Saying:


“I bought and implemented The Ultimate Commonplace System in July. There were nice nuggets here and there, but the real goldmine for me was your Evernote Reflection System. For a long time, I have scheduled my days, used Asana and other project management systems, written a diary, and even carried out a gratefulness routine. But to automate these things by script for day, week, month, and year through IFTTT is the single best thing I’ve done in many years. My productivity and life quality has gone through the roof since. Thanks a lot.”

Björn, Serial Entrepreneur



“I’m working my way through TUCS and working on implementing it.  The level of wisdom and value in it so far is astounding.  Honestly, thank you.”
-Joel Smith



“Ludvig understands that our brains are not wired to simply retain massive amounts of information, which is why his content is always focused on scalable, tangible assets that compound. He has organized the ultimate collection of ‘Pareto’s Law’ type work for your education and pleasure. He breaks everything down in bite-sized chunks, so you can choose how much you want to learn at once. In my opinion, TUCS is an extremely underpriced guide on how to scale your assets, combine your knowledge for its highest potential.”

-Evan Teague





Pay by Card or Paypal:


Note: if you choose to pay by Paypal, click “Return to Merchant” at the bottom of your receipt.

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