92 Practical Tips:

Distilled Advice to Kicking Ass in Life


92 Tips, 65 pages, divided into 12 topics:

Get all of my best advice in one short eBook. There is no theory, only action.

If you want to improve your life this is the best starting point.

All the advice is based on my own experience, experiments, and Best Practices.

You can read it in less than a day, but it should keep you occupied for more than a week.

You Will Learn:

  • How to Boost Your Energy Levels
  • How to Improve Your Mental Focus
  • How to Become More Productive
  • How to Think Better
  • How to Use the Internet Efficiently
  • How to Learn Things Faster and Better
  • How to Get Good Sleep
  • How to Eat Healthy and Increase Vitality
  • How to Build Muscle and Shred Fat
  • How to Become More Motivated
  • How to Understand Big Picture Concepts
  • How to Brainwash Yourself (For Success)

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