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Hi, I’m Ludvig Sunström. I’m the author of Breaking out of Homeostasis and host of the Future Skills Podcast,

This is my blog: StartGaningMomentum. It chronicles my journey. Here you will find all the best ideas and lessons I’ve used over the last 5 years to improve my life and become smarter.

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Me and Mikael Syding, European Hedge Fund Manger of the Decade, prepare you for a future of accelerating change. Listen to our discussions with finance billionaire Martin Sandquist, serial entrepreneur Ola Ahlvarsson, poker pro Annie Duke, Psychology professor Barry Schwartz, Neuroscientist Elkhonon Goldberg, philosopher Alexander Bard, and more….

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Before starting Future Skills, I did the Swedish business podcast “25 Minuter” (still ongoing, but no longer on regular schedule). As of writing this, it has received more than 3 Million downloads and 300 reviews in Sweden alone.

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My Book: Breaking out of Homeostasis

“Breaking out of Homeostasis is one of the most important books I have read in a long time. You read one or two books every few years that completely change the way you see the world and this is definitely one of them.”
~Martin Sandquist, Billionaire (Founder Lynx Asset Management) 

I worked for three years and read more than 200 books as part of the research to complete Breaking out of Homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the biological mechanism in all living things which conserves energy and prevents change. Breaking out of homeostasis (BOOH) is my philosophy for being successful in the 21st century by achieving Mind-Body Mastery. You’ll learn to use to brain more, deal with stress better, and become more adaptable. It’s been called “a synthesis of evolutionary theory, physiology, and neuroscience–put into practical tips that you can easily apply to your life”.

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All About Homeostasis


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