How to Build a Stock Watchlist (For Beginners & Pros) in Google Sheets


You will learn how to build watchlists based on a methodology that suits you. This will help you by comparing similar stocks and also save you a lot of time in the future. Possibly as much as 1-4 years.


  • Intro:
    • What is a Watchlist and why should you have one?
    • Benefits of a Watchlist and how to use it
    • Recommended websites
  • How to build a Watchlist:
    • Methodology and advice on how to structure your watchlists
    • Using different tools
  • Step-by-Step instructions using Google Sheets
    • Using Google Sheets + Google Finance + Code
    • Fundamentals
    • Template
    • Further steps if you want to build a more advanced Watchlist using code



You can read the rest here




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  1. Don’t share this you ruin my livelihood

  2. What a good overview for someone like me who has been interested in stocks and mainly kept index and etfs.

    To use this new tool will be a challenge but with your guidance it will be easier.

    Have a good day.

  3. This is a treasure trove. I tried to use google finance 2 years ago but it was too hard for me then, not now.

  4. Great new article with very helpful advice. Thanks!

    Please share access to the template document if it’s OK

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