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I’m Ludvig Sunstrom, and this is my website. I am an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster. I have many interests and I write about some of them here.

StartGainingMomentum was created in 2013. The first year I wrote anonymously, then I bought my own domain and made a real website.

On this website you will learn about self-improvement and intellectual ideas.

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In addition to this website, I own several other sites. I am also the creator of two podcasts: 25 Minuter and Future Skills. The podcasts have received several million downloads and a couple of hundred positive reviews.

Seth Godin said “I thought your podcast was well researched, swift, moving and fun.” Walter Kiechel of Harvard Business Review and Fortune Magazine said “Ludvig knows how to connect and combine ideas from different fields in a way that you can understand and use.”

I have also written the book Breaking out of Homeostasis. I worked for three years and read more than 200 books as part of the research to complete it.

Here’s a brief description: Homeostasis is the biological mechanism in all living things which conserves energy and prevents change. Breaking out of homeostasis (BOOH) is my philosophy for being successful in the 21st century by achieving Mind-Body Mastery. You’ll learn to use to brain more, deal with stress better, and become more adaptable. The book has been called “a synthesis of evolutionary theory, physiology, and neuroscience–put into practical tips that you can easily apply to your life”.

Finance billionaire Martin Sandquist said it was one of the most important books he’s read. Investor Mikael Syding wrote the foreword for it. And Martin Berkhan, who invented the popular 16/8 IF-Protocol, said “this book primes you for progress. It reminds us that conformity is regression.” You can read more reviews about the book on Amazon here.

Read articles about the book: All About Homeostasis

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