Breaking out of Homeostasis

The most fundamental things in life come down to Mind-Body Mastery.

Things like: Coping with stress, pushing yourself in difficult situations, understanding psychology, using your brain better (more often and in new ways) and knowing when you can–or cannot–trust your intuition.

This has been known from the dawn of time. It’s not a new idea.

However, what has not been known, is how (exactly) to practice these things over time to improve at them.

My book promises no shortcuts or magic pills. None of that. It does, however, contain more ideas and practical advice for improving your brain and body, getting into good health, reducing stress, and increasing mental wakefulness, than probably any other self-improvement book you can find.


Breaking out of Homeostasis


I worked for over three years and read more than 200 books as part of the research to complete my long-awaited book Breaking out of Homeostasis.

This is not a normal self-improvement book. It’s for those who’ve already made the decision to change. Therefore, it is almost all action-oriented. Not much fluff or inspirational stories. Some have said it’s too hard (too informative), a few have been offended, but no one has said it’s not good.

–Except for this person.

Among other things, you’ll learn (1) how to be more adaptable and stress-tolerant, (2) what it takes to change your life, (3) how to use your brain and feel more alive–with 200 unique exercises, (4) how to increase mental vigilance (5) how to learn faster through pattern recognition, and (6) the most important thing for choosing your career before age ~30.

Lessons from the book (best ways to Break out of Homeostasis)

  • Amygdala Slavery – and why IQ (and other ways to measure intelligence) is less important than cultivating bravery and rationality.
  • 4 Pillars of Wakefulness – novelty, variation, randomness, and goal-orientation. How to build your life around these pillars and  “Come Alive” more often in daily life (snap out of habituation).
  • Biological Primetime – and how to structure your days around when you have peak energy and creativity.
  • Rewire your Reward System – and get out of bad habits or addictions by using three scientifically proven psychological methods (reinforcement, association, and entering the winner effect).
  • The 3 Minions of Homeostasis – evolutionary mismatches, cognitive biases, and coping mechanisms – and how they will drag you down into unconsciousness, unless you know how to guard yourself.


Breaking out of Homeostasis


Breaking out of homeostasis

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