Recommended Resources

On this page you’ll find an up-to-date list of different resources I use and strongly recommend for improving your life. So be sure to check back every once in a while, as I’ll have more time on my hands to organize it.

Sacred Tomes

  1. Breaking out of Homeostasis. My upcoming book, which will be the best book thus written on self-development and success.
  2. Poor Charlie’s Almanack — Charlie Munger. Charlie Munger may be the world’s smartest man. PCA contains a summary of all his greatest ideas. Easy read with cool pictures.
  3. Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger — Peter Bevelin. Similar to PCA (Munger’s philosophy on business and life) but has more breadth, is more practical, and is a more challenging read. For this reason, I advise you to read PCA first, to get ‘psychological buy-in’, and then read this book.
  4. Bridgewater Principles — Ray Dalio. This book is 123 pages, and free. Not an easy read, but extremely practical. The first half consists of Ray Dalio’s background and how he sees the world. The second half is about how he runs his business. I wrote an article on the first half on the book.
  5. Meditations — Marcus Aurelius. Marcus Aurelius was the philosopher king, and in his free time he wrote the seminal text on Stoicism.
  6. The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons — Napoleon Hill. The best traditional self-development book. I have read many such books, and almost all of them are just copies of this book.
  7. Fountainhead — Ayn Rand. Not a very practical book, but highly riveting and philosophical. Probably my favorite novel.
  8. Lessons from History — Will Durant. The best introductory book on history. When people ask me “How do I start to learn more about history?” I always direct them to this book. Learn how to study history; what to look for, what biases (from historians) to avoid, and how to study the success and failure of history’s greats.
  9. The Netocrats — Alexander Bard. A look at paradigm-changes. Don’t just focus on making money, focus on education and becoming well-connected and influential. Your profession must scale with the Internet. Read my Bard Notes (free) for a brief practical summary.
  10. Napoleon: a Life — Andrew Roberts.
  11. Alexander Hamilton — Ron Chernov.
  12. Titan: Rockefeller — Ron Chernov.

The last three are my favorite biographies of some of history’s greatest men.

Resources for Learning

  1. The Ultimate Commonplace System: The first and only professional resource available on how to start a  commonplace. Learn all the fundamentals for how to build a robust commonplace system that augments every major aspect of your life, increases in value over time, and lets you turn your ideas into money.
  2. 25 Minuter (med Syding & Sunström): My podcast together with Mikael Syding, the European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade. Highly recommended to all Swedish people. :)
  3. Blinkist. An awesome app for computer and phone which gives you access to thousands of book summaries. Good for busy people who want to learn actionable things, but don’t currently have time to read full books. Useful for research and coming up with a list of best practices for a specific project task. You can get a 20% discount + 3 day free trial via the link.


Health-Related Resources

ArcticMed Omega-3: The best fish oil I’ve come across, first recommended to me by Mikael Syding. However, it’s only available in Sweden and Europe. For more information about fish oil (and why it’s so important) read “Do You Have Low Omega-3 Levels?

Diagnostic tests everyone should do:

  • Omega-3 & Fatty-acid profile test. (Do the one from ArcticMed if you live in Europe.)
  • Testosterone & estrogen (estradiol) blood test.
  • Cortisol blood test.
  • Vitamin and mineral levels (including heavy metals). Blood test or comprehensive hair test.
  • Check your blood pressure.

And more stuff.. Will update when I have more time on my hands.