Finally: Breaking out of Homeostasis (BOOH) Completed

I wrote the first version of Breaking out of Homeostasis fast. Because I was like a man possessed. And while I did succeed in getting many important ideas across, I was not satisfied with the result.

When I rewrote the book, there were 3 elements I wanted to work on:

1) A conceptual framework to clearly show how all the pieces of the puzzles are connected. How homeostasis (and the breaking out of it) is related to the different functions of intelligence, health, and success.

2) More practical tips and exercises (now enough for several re-reads).

3) More depth and breadth in showing how *homeostasis* is the #1 driving force in the world; not just in personal development.

I also wanted to include more information on how homeostasis ties in with obstacles to success such as: evolutionary mismatches, cognitive biases, the modern economy, and political correctness. A lot of things that the majority of people take for granted are either wrong or outdated by several decades.

–Like the concepts of “Free Will” and “Determinism”.

Neither one exists. If you want a better answer, you’ll need to understand the nuance between homeostasis, genetics, neuroscience, psychology and metacognition.

The short answer? Sorry, there is no short answer.

You’ll have to read the book.

* * *

Stay tuned for more articles this week.


Here are some nice & recent reviews of BOOH:


Update: I know it’s not intelligent to feed trolls, but this almost made me fall off my chair laughing. (To enlargen: “right click” + “view image”).


Update 2: KA-BLAMO!

#1 in Physiology.

Beating two quite popular books (by Oliver Sacks & Daniel G. Amen).

Now I can finally go to the gym!

Thank you very much for the support guys! It means a lot to me.


Get two bonuses:

1) The Top 15 Implications of Breaking out of Homeostasis
2) Higher Order Thinker Curriculum (10 book recommendations, 5 websites, and my special learning method for practicing principles and mental models).

Both are short and practical.

Here’s what you do to get them:

Buy the book, write a review, take a screenshot of it, then email it to me at [email protected] with the subject line “BOOH review”.

Then I’ll send them to you.

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  1. Yes, yes a paper book please! The ebook is excellent but I would also like a paper book I can touch in my hands, write my own notes on, look at and admire on the bookcase, and not least sniff the paper and let the words absorb into my body :) (For those not acquainted with this process, try it and see!)

  2. This is simply brilliant. I always get hyped when I read this blog. I am raising kids and trying to implement some of these tips so its their normal. A blog post on raising kids in this era would be really helpful.

    • Thanks – makes me glad to hear!
      I’m not going to write a blog post on children though, because I don’t have any.

      • You are not an expert on raising kids, I would be making an attribution error if I thought that. All you’ve written is actually pretty sufficient for now. Kids model their parents. I can’t wait to gift this to them in some years.

  3. Hey Ludvig. Release a physical copy. I’m not buying a Kindle copy because Kindle does not allow you to mark up your book properly, which is essential to any serious reading. And especially if the book is meant to be practical, a physical copy is needed to look up the exercises and actions we are to try implementing.

    I’d suggest it’s a mistake to cut out a huge portion of the market that would buy the book in physical copy. If you already set up the format on Amazon Kindle, it would not take long to format it on their self-publishing platform CreateSpace, though with your contacts I’m pretty sure you could find a traditional publisher that might be willing to promote the book (you’d have to do the calculus to figure out if that would be worth it.)

    Also, you need to look up “amazon one click” and link your amazon canada and amazon UK associate accounts so that your link will automatically redirect to or for your Canadian and British readers. You can also link it to other European countries if you have a lot of traffic from there. It does not take long to set up and will help recover a huge loss of the market share for any books you recommend on this site.

    Last, but not least, I would suggest you switch your commenting platform to Disqus. Again, this does not take very long and improves the quality of your website substantially by allowing people to upvote the best comments so that people who contribute to the discussion are not lost in a sea of comments.

    • Thanks for the many advice. Physical book will come out in a few weeks.

      • I’ll just add to MT’s comment on the advantages of a physical copy:

        1. A physical copy, placed by a bedside or desk, serves as a visual reminder and ‘default’ motivator to read the book. Compare a workout book on top of your gym bag, versus buried in a PC Kindle app with 1000 other titles on it.

        2. Memory retention for physical books, and several other factors, have been shown to be superior to electronic books e.g.

        3. Reading electronic screens is physically and mentally more tiring than a paper book, leading to flagging focus and attention (comment from an investor I did a pitch to on a laptop, and – months later – a printed pitch).

        4. Paper books can be donated to friends, libraries, or left on park benches for serendipity after use.

        5. Paper books stimulate conversation with interesting people, if reaad in a cafe or train for example. For me, a kindle or laptop never has led to anything interesting, and a e-reader at home definitely never will.

        6. A finished good book needs to be re-read. It needs to be in a higher priority location like a bookshelf where it reminds you to re-read it in future, some slow Sunday afternoon. Electronic formats (generally) store books alphabetically or by last usage, where they drop out of attention.

        7. MT’s comment about notes is also very valid. All good books, you should take notes physically (writing helps reinforce the point in the memory), and re-read the notes a day or two later, a month or two later, and each year (memory tip from ‘Managing your Mind’ by Butler and Hope). Pencil notes in the margin, with coloured post-it style mini-tabs are easy to flick through in future and get an instant memory refresher.

        “Twice and thrice over, as they say, good is it to repeat and review what is good.” – Plato

        I ordered the kindle version, but I think a paper copy of any good book is worth at least 3 times the price of the electronic format. Great to hear you are doing a paperback soon! Keep up with good work with the blog and publishing.

      • Matt – thank you for the advice and the encouraging words.

        I agree with you on these points.

        I will be sure to keep everyone posted once the print is out too.

    • In what way would voting by any passing creature with a phone be superior to randomly sorting posts?

  4. I dunno what the marketing stratagem is behind opening with a download cheaper than the greasiest parking lot blowjob in New Jersey, instead of a pricey hardback, but I WANT ME SOME HARDBACK. Electronics are silicon are rocks, and paper covers rock.

  5. Got it now and will try to do a review by Sunday. It reads well so far.

    Good job and well earned.

  6. Congrats on the launch man!! Will there ever be a physical copy? Heh.. :)

  7. There’s so much good information in this book .
    Just finished reading it – not sure where to start :D

  8. Great to hear and congrats.
    Buying now.
    Sure I’ll like it.

  9. Is it region-locked? “This title is not currently available for purchase”

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