BOOH TOC: Foreword by European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade

Hey friend,

Breaking out of Homeostasis will be released on Monday 11/12 next week.

It is 300 pages long (was originally 700!)

It will cost $12,50 on Amazon Kindle (for the first week, at least).


 Table of Contents:


Foreword by Mikael Syding: European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade

The Top 13 Takeaways

Book Summary

Take the Test

The Multi-Tier Strategy

Part 1: Body-Mastery

1: Homeostasis, Homeostasis Dwellers, and Homeostasis Breakers

2: Push Through the Plateau and Develop the 3 Types of Pain-Tolerance

3: Breaking out of Homeostasis: Improve Mental Focus by Activating the Brain

4: Allostasis: The Stretch Zone of Adaptability

Part 2: Mind-Mastery

5: Metacognition: Unlocking the Gap Between Stimulus and Response

6: An Overview of the Human Brain

7: The Prefrontal Cortex: Increase Concentration, Willpower and Decisiveness

8: The Neocortex: Practice Higher Order Thinking and Join the Cognitive Elite

9: Perfecting Your Pattern Recognition: How to Go From Novice to Expert

10: Throw Off the Chains of Amygdala Slavery & Unlock the Genius of Boldness

11: Rewire Your Reward System and Thrust Yourself into a Winner Effect

Part 3: Addendum and Bonus Content

12: The 14 Differences Between HDs and HBs

13: The Most Important Career Advice For People Under 30

14: Free Bonus Content

15: Glossary

I will be writing blog posts more frequently again now. So stay tuned :-)

If you’ve got any advice for me regarding the book launch, or if you want to help spread the message, let me know by leaving a comment below.

If you have a blog or social media account of note and you want to write a review post about Breaking out of Homeostasis, email me at [email protected] and I’ll gift you a copy of the book. The same goes for early reviews on Amazon.


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  1. Hi Ludvig, congrats on the launch. I’m from Asia. I used my phone to click on the Amazon link today (12 Dec) but it says on Amazon “this title is currently not available for purchase”. I don’t have Kindle so that might be why. Is there anyway I could pay via PayPal to get a PDF version of the book? Thanks!

  2. Good news, Ludvig, I am still a fan and will surely read it as soon as I can. And of course will recommend it to my fellow brazilians.

  3. Congratulations, Ludvig!

    This will be a nice addition to my collection!

  4. – Congratulations on the occasion of the book release.
    – It seems I was right.. You were too busy in ‘real work’, no wonder about no post in last ~3 months..
    – Its really nice that you are going to post here more frequently.
    – Just saw this post and checked the mail. Skimmed through the sample copy, and I must say that’s really impressive work.
    – Your work is first-of-its-kind and I’m sure the book is going to be a bestseller.
    – interested to read it on paperback.

  5. Hey Ludvig. Good to hear from you! I’ll buy your book as soon it’s released.

    Thanks for sharing what you learned with us!

  6. I just bought it, very excited for this book. I love your podcast, you and Mikael always inspire me. It makes my day every time you release a new episode or when you make a new post. I have high expectations and I’m sure you won’t disappoint.

    Keep doing what your doing. I can tell you that you (with Mikael) has changed my life. You give a lot of good tips. But one that has already paid huge dividends is starting commonplace. Holy shit dude. I mean, wow. Seriously, thank you for that. I hope your book becomes a major success.

  7. Congrats! Good to hear that you will be going back to posting more on your blog. :)

    The table of contents looks epic. I don’t really do book reviews on my blog. I have only done one on the “Art of Learning”, which was a really thought-provoking book and from the looks of it, your book will probably be up in that category as well. So that’s why I am considering doing a book review on “BOOH”. Still thinking about it, if it was any other time of the year, then I would do it in a heartbeat. However now it’s a pretty busy time of the year for me, so not sure whether I would have the time to read and review it properly.

    Anyways good to hear that you are back! :)

  8. Got the book, thanks. Will do my review next week.
    In the future you may want to make use of the “pre-order” option. I have written several books on Amazon myself and I recommend doing that.

  9. Congratulations Ludvig!
    Have been waiting for a long time to read your book and it caught in a stage of my life that can only be named as Homeostasis.
    I’m going to change my life with your book and use it as my guide for development.
    Can’t wait to Monday!

  10. Hi Ludvig!

    I just finished reading your review copy (very fast – obviously skimmed liberally) to finish in one day. Part 2 is by far the better one – that’s where you can see the research went into. You should consider making those checklists into something like a high-end course. (I’m talking several thousand dollars for managers or investors or established entrepreneurs. Not kids.)

    I give it 9/10 where the one point subtractracted is due to complexity at some points.

    BOOH has some of the most and best ideas I’ve seen in a book but I doubt it will make its way into the mainstream (sorry).

    Here is a launch tip: sell it for maybe $20 or $40 to discourage losers. 9 dollars is dirt cheap and if you lower it as is common on Amazon, it will only attract bums. And guess what? Bums won’t like your book and will be offended.

    That’s my 5 cent.

  11. Advice for the launch = Announcing it earlier.
    I read the first 60 pages and thought it was spectacular. I just emailed you for a review copy.

  12. Shawn Michael Hartwell says

    Cannot wait to pickup my copy from Amazon on launch day. Glad to hear you’re going to be pushing out new content soon and finally releasing the book after all this time. What a Christmas gift!

  13. I can’t wait this will be epic! Well if your going to be posting more I better go back over some of the epic knowledge you laided out on this site previously!

  14. This book is going to be awesome!
    I’m glad we are going to see more posts from now on. I was getting worried you were going to quit blogging! haha
    Can’t wait to read it and store the summary in my commonplace ;)


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