Out Now: The Ultimate Commonplace System

The Ultimate Commonplace SystemI have now completed the Updated and (Final) version of The Ultimate Commonplace System.

It includes 6 Parts and 6 Bonuses.

Here is a summary:

You can learn more by heading over to the product page.

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  1. Hey I just got TUCS today. Thanks for taking time to distil this further.

    I hope it will pay off, as it’s not the most popular subject. Except for myself I don’t know a person who has a commonplace lol.

    I read the first 2 parts and I have to say you should make a video course or coaching. This is not the easiest thing and you can charge a premium for everything that requires mental effort or helps high-achievers.

    Just saying.

  2. Harry Gold says

    Hey Ludvig I was on the waiting list for the first version. If I buy the new one now can I have your best resources bonus?

  3. Nice, making moves.

    I will take a look, Thanks for the update.

  4. Been commonplacing for two years now(since before the original TUCS). Self-reflection using your templates and setting up a review file helped lots.

    Skimmed the new TUCS. I would say it takes about 6-12 months of use till you get it right. Don’t panic, tweak as you go.

    Lessons from my commonplace(mostly my review file):

    1. Our mistakes are likely from neglecting the basics.(google “Nail the Basics” wisdomination for a good article on this)

    2. Read Decomplication by Nat Eliason. Infact, read all he has to say on mental models. Read his article on infomania also.

    3. Copy and paste Farnam Streets mental model list to your commonplace. Read weekly.

    4. 80/20 of self-improvement:

    – Lift weights
    – Eat healthy
    – Sleep well
    – Talk to people
    – Work hard
    – Productivity: Block Distractions and Follow Plan
    – Talk to women(or men) you find attractive
    – Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people and disassociate with miserable people

    These cover all you need to know about self-improvement.

    5. From Mike Cernovich: learn mental models(Munger) and develop a talent stack(Adams)

    6. Keep a running list of people, companies, historical periods, and evetns to study. Beats aimlessly surfing the web.

    Hope this helps. Thanks Ludvig!

  5. I got the first version and I’m excited for this one too!

    I just read the product page you sent me and I think I will learn a lot even though I made my commonplace after suggestions from earlier version. I look forward to improve.

    Thank you for teaching how to think well.

  6. Thanks for the notice. I just went into my inbox now and see I got the mail but missed it before as I am on vacation. Been looking forward to this.

  7. Hey Ludvig,

    I just bought TUCS and reading the Introduction. How did i know if I am one of the first 200?


  8. Ok I have some questions.

    How do you personally commonplace?

    What’s good about commonplacing? I know you have recommended it before but I don’t really get it.

  9. I did not get the first version but I’m considering to get this one. Still I would like to hear what made you do a new one.

    Cover looks amazing btw.

    • Hi Singh,
      I made the new one because I think commonplacing is important and I felt I hadn’t done justice to the idea. Now I feel like it will stand for many, many years to come.

      • The new ones easier to apply. Made changes from just skimming..

        I got more impact from organic growth than applying all your reccomendations at once.

  10. Awesome, keep up the work man đź’Ş

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