My New Podcast: Future Skills (first 3 episodes)

Hi friend,

I am happy to tell you that I’ve finally started a new podcast: Future Skills.

And guess what?

–This time, it’s in English.

Let me give you the rundown.

Future Skills is the podcast and community devoted to preparing for accelerating change.

I do it together with my friends Mikael Syding and Oskar Faarkrog.

Most podcasts can be divided into the following categories: Gossip, two people talking on one topic, or an interview show.

Our concept for Future Skills is different.

We’ll do 3 types of episodes:

1) Short practical episodes (5-20 min) where we give you one big idea or practical tip that you can use right away. You’ll be able to listen to 2-3 of these episodes on your way to work, or while you are taking a walk, and get FRESH new inspiration for improving your life.

2) Expert cameo-appearances (15-30 min) where we have an expert thinker share one of their secrets (that they’ve used to become successful) and then walk you through how to use it.

3) Interviews with interesting and successful people (+40 min). These will be in-depth conversations with entrepreneurs, investors, authors, scientists, you name it–highly successful and interesting people!

Think of Future Skills as the university education or MBA that you never got…. where you’re actually taught useful stuff!  ?

An Explanation Behind the Three Episode Types:

I learned a lot from doing the Swedish podcast. The biggest lesson was that people learn in different ways. This is why the school system doesn’t work.

Statistics show that long interviews with successful people are most popular. Personally, I’m the sort who’d listen to the short and practical episodes while taking a walk, to get some fresh new inspiration for things I can do. That’s why, before we started the Swedish podcast, I never listened to podcasts. When I tell this to people, they can’t believe it.

The thing is: If I had a block of 30-90 minutes that I wanted to pass constructively, I’d read instead. That’s partly a personal preference, but it’s also because I assumed that podcasts had too much fluff in them.

So, if you’re like me, start by checking out our short practical episodes. Our ambition is that they should be better than time spent reading!

You can listen to the first 3 episodes here:

The first two are short and practical. The third is a long, killer discussion with Billionaire Martin Sandquist (his first English interview ever).

EP 1 – 10 min: We talk about how we keep commonplaces (and how you can get started). Commonplacing is the most important habit for all knowledge workers. You already know…!


EP 2 – 17 min: I share the single most powerful thing I’ve done for my personal development in the past 3-4 months. It’s as simple as measuring my mood in a particular way, using an almanac.


EP 3 – 100 min: In this in-depth discussion with billionaire Martin Sandquist we cover topics such as: his thoughts on Cryptocurrency, his 30/30/30/10 time-management, how to build a dream team in finance, 10 books he recently read, and the 4-step formula that applies to all business success (very important).


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And, if my eternal gratitude isn’t enough, here’s something else:

Competition: Win a Free Consult:

10 people will win a 15-min consult by Skype with myself or Mikael. You get to pick our brains on any topic of your choosing. You’ll also receive 3 bottles of ArcticMed (Europe’s best omega-3 fish oil, which we use).

The value of the fish oil is $70. The value of our consult depends on what questions you ask.

To qualify, here’s what you need to do:

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  2. Take a screenshot of it.
  3. Send to [email protected]

(Note: We don’t do coaching normally, even though many people ask, so this is a special opportunity for the next two weeks. Ends at: 2nd April.)

* * *

Listen and leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

If you want to recommend guests, or topics you want us to cover, do tell.


Requested instructions for leaving an iTunes review:

First go into iTunes and search for “Future Skills” or click here to open in browser.


  1. Click the Future Skills podcast image (on browser: “View in iTunes”)
  2. Click “Ratings & Reviews” under the title name–and “Click to Rate”

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  1. Madeleine says

    Just a tip (that you’ve might tried already but anyways) – Perhaps you should try ”Fruktisar” , salivstimulerande tabletter. I couldn’t find any other contact details but what the heck! This podcast is new, you’re used to do your previous podcast (25 minuter – great one!) in Swedish etc. It’s just a tiny thing that striked me.
    Keep up the good work :-)

  2. Hi, first time listener here. Fantastic content there in the interview with Martin Sandquist. In the future, It would be really interesting to hear from buyout, real estate or alternative assets managers from here in Nordics. For me personally, the public market space is getting less interesting by the day.

    Looking forward for the future episodes.

    Ps. The sound effects seem pretty unnecessary in the interview format.

  3. Hi – excited to hear you have finally gone over to English.

    I would be interested to hear about your gym workouts, morning routines, and thoughts on brain exercises.

    I havent listened yet but I am hoping you will do it someone like your blog (content and format wise), with an emphasis on actionable advice or philosophical things to make you think and some Homeostasis perspective on things.

  4. Hi Mr Ludvig this looks an original show concept! I shall look forward to listening your podcast finally after long wait. On this weekend I will do it and also write my opinions on iTunes after having decided my thoughts.
    Best Wishes,

  5. The interview with Martin is really good and fun to listen to. He seems like such a nice guy.

  6. Done, done and done.

    Your blog has helped me a lot in the last 2 years. This is the least I can do. I hope Future Skills will be as good as yours and Mikael’s blogs.

  7. R.d Wilson says

    Been waiting for this for more than 2 years haha!

    Guest rec: someone who helped build CERN

    What kind of guests are you looking for?

    Topic rec: whether to balance (or ignore) your social life while becoming successful and healthy.

    • Hi Wilson,

      We like people who are very successful in their field, have done something extraordinary or come up with an original idea, and young rising stars, preferably below 30 YO who can explain their success or has a unique POV.

      CERN: That’s interesting. If you know someone there, please give me an intro.

      The topic recommendation is also a good one. I think most of it comes down to two points of view: “Work-Life Balance” vs “Delayed Gratification”. Notice how both expressions are euphemisms.

  8. Hey, I look forward to listening to Future Skills. The 3 episode concept seems like a good fit that can allow you to reach different types of people, hope it works out. I’ll start with the short and concrete ones.

    I see you chose a new variation of the logo you posted earlier. Looks nice.

    Review and ratings will be done now.

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