I Made Fun of the Law of Attraction And Here’s What Happened

I made fun of the law of attraction[Last updated 27th August 2019]

What if I told you I had found an easy way to get rich and successful–would you be interested in knowing more?

Sure you would.

Alright, I will indulge your curiosity.

Here’s what I’d do. . .

I’d tell people whatever they wanted to hear.

I’d tell every guy he was a badass. Even if he was a lazy deadbeat.

I’d tell every 40-year old going through a midlife crisis oh, this is normal–you’ll be fine!  instead of it’s your fault for not thinking ahead.

I’d tell every old person you made the most of it, and lived a dignified life. Instead of “you didn’t attain autonomy of mind, let others think for you, and never accomplished much”.

But if I did that, it would make me a liar.

Telling people the convenient lies that they want to hear is more destructive than being honest, and telling people the harsh realities they need to hear.

But a lot of people don’t think so.

That’s why there’s a market for Law of Attraction (LoA) products.

Not that I’m an expert on the subject. . .

But here’s the secret: You don’t need to be an expert.

–You can just make stuff up.

That’s the secret of The Secret.

Because, how can you be an “expert” on something that no one knows how to do; something that cannot be proven or tested?

To be an “expert” on the Law of Attraction, do this. . .

Come up with a cool story–a convenient lie–that resonates with a sufficiently large group of people. There are two rules for doing this:

  1. Make the story general enough so that anyone can identify with it.
  2. But be specific enough to make it seem like it’s a practice, a science, or–even better–why don’t you call it a law (like gravity)?

If you do this you can get rich.

You could be a professional liar, for hire, like Wayne Dyer.

Yes, I am serious.

Although you’d probably need to polish up on your public speaking skills to make the big money, and that would take at least a few months of practice.

But you could do it!

Quit college, quit your job, quit [whatever you’re involved with].

Get into the Law of Attraction business.

Teach people how to magically attract sexual partners–effortlessly–without face-to-face communication.

Call it remote seduction.

Actually, call it something else. . .

Because that name is already taken, and you want to be ‘original’, don’t you?

Yes, I’m serious.

Someone actually coined the phrase “remote seduction” before you could.

I know this because:

Remote seduction believers put up a thread about me on their forum. . .

. . . and I just spent the last hour reading it, laughing my ass off.

Here’s the back story:

About a year ago, I wrote an article where I debunked the Law of Attraction and explained the basic neuroscience behind it. Someone on that forum found it, posted a thread about it, and it caused a ruckus.

In the thread, they debate (if you can call it that) on the topic of “taking action vs effortless attraction“, trying to solve the question: Should you actually work for it, or can you just wait for the universe to magically give it to you?

Below you’ll find a sample of their discussion (in grey), accompanied by my commentary (in normal text).

Check it out:

i made fun of the law of attraction maverick

“The article is pure truth and pure gold. Completely rooted in reality. That wouldn’t make sense to most of you here who are deliberately trying to control the reality (external circumstance) under the guise of  “accepting” it.”

Wow, this guy gets it. That about sums up the point I made in my article.

This begs the question: What is he doing on that forum!?

Then comes everyone else–and my article is met with much resistance.

Their group homeostasis–the status quo of the forum–is temporarily broken.

poking fun at LOA people

“This guy [Ludvig] is plain retarded!”

I guess these people don’t take too kindly to outsiders scrutinizing their religion. Death to the infidel!

syrena loa

“For a moment I thought I was gonna see my username there too LOL!”

Your wish is my command–now look at what you manifested!

“Posting others usernames there without their authorizations. . .”

It’s a forum. That means it’s public information.

If you have a problem with that, I suggest you:

a) Get off the forum (recommended), or;

b) Don’t write stuff you cannot stand for.

If you write something, get quoted on it by someone else, and then complain about it–guess what means?

That means you don’t have integrity.

Don’t get angry at me for “exposing” the flawed thinking of your forum friends. Get angry at them for writing it.

“I can’t understand why they [SGM LoA article comment section] say we must take action.”

Me neither. Why take action when you can effortlessly manifest reality?

You are masters at manifesting the divine power of the universe, and I am just a novice. My vibrational frequency is incomparable to yours.

“I kinda doubt the dude from the article has researched deeply about the LOA and the subconscious mind which is the thing behind LOA.”

You’re right. . .

I need to go back to the drawing board. The Law of Attraction is highly advanced stuff, way above my understanding.

There are LoA masters hard at work right now, trying to manifest an alien spacecraft that will take mankind to Mars (Elon, give it up already–your efforts are not needed–we’ve already got Earth’s brightest on it!).

And then. . .

. . . just when the confusion in the forum reaches a crescendo, suddenly a bona fide LoA remote seduction MASTER shows up to shut up the doubters, impose his authority, and restore order in the thread:

LOA commenter

“I know that you two (you know who you are) aren’t LOA masters otherwise your posts wouldn’t be so negative. I’m one of the people that successfully attracted someone back using RS so it would be nice if you would kindly shut up and listen to what others have to say.”

 Yes, that will shut up the dissidents!

Way to go chief.

Wait a sec, let me see if I understand that correctly: to be a master at the Law of Attraction, you need to post only positive comments on the forum?

That doesn’t sound too hard. Maybe I should become an LoA master?

Ah. . . maybe that would get me the respect I so desperately crave?

Or maybe, I should become an LoA “expert” and get rich by scamming gullible people such as yourself?

. . . Starting next week, SGM becomes Simple Guaranteed Manifestations.

Another forum member comes up with a solution for solving the dispute:

bb LOA

“Maybe we should all visualize positive comments from certain people! If we stop expecting the negative it will go away!”

Yes, let’s (try to) wish away reality!

Great idea. . .

. . . because there is no problem that positive thinking cannot solve!


This person doesn’t understand the limitations of positive thinking.

Maybe he or she should read a book on stoicism (I recommend Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations), to get acquainted with what factors can, or cannot, be controlled in life.

Another forum member tries to bring the discussion to a conclusion:

loa struggle

 “If you feel struggling for something — you are obviously doing it wrong. Sit back and let the universe do the rest.”

Thanks for CONFIRMING what I said in my initial article–when I first mocked you people:

Things should come to you effortlessly. Remember, if you exert any real effort, you must be using the LoA wrong!

–Ludvig Sunström

After this, the discussion reaches a climax, and the “action vs manifestation” dispute seems to have been resolved (actually, it wasn’t).

Forum members then celebrate their victory over the bad guy (me), and reinforce their religious belief in the LoA by watching their favorite video of how Oprah manifested her desires.

oprah loa

“The Oprah Video on SURRENDER and how she got the role in The Color Purple movie is the perfect example of how you manifest.”

For some reason, this got me laughing so hard that I (stupidly) went on YouTube and searched for the term “Oprah + manifesting” and spent ended up wasting 15 minutes looking at Oprah & Wayne Dyer videos.

(I have included a video below.)

What Can We Learn From This?

First: that there are lots of people who will believe whatever convenient lies they want to hear–rather than hearing the harsh truths they need to hear. That, right there, is a good lesson in marketing.

Second: that stupid people congregate on forums, to confirm their beliefs, rather than stress-testing them against smart people with opposing opinions.

And here’s a little something to consider:

What (business) functions does the Law of Attraction industry fulfill?

  1. It serves as a consolation prize for people who have a hard time trying to figure out how life works.
  2. It gives intellectually lazy people ONE easy answer to getting everything they want (just believe and it’ll come true).
  3. It helps losers who’ve given up on trying (to change their lives) a way to cope with their dissatisfying circumstances (like a hospice for the terminally ill).

So, what is the Law of Attraction REALLY based on?

Simple, the LoA boils down to three things:

#1 Hebbian learning (repetition):

Hebbian learning states that “neurons that fire together, wire together”.

Meaning, that when you think about something, feel an emotion, or do a thing, it’ll be easier to do the next time, and more likely to happen again. And if you repeat it compulsively, you can turn it into a habit or a mindset.

The Law of Attraction distorts this simple principle into a bunch of feel-good catchphrases about desire, abundance, and other cool-sounding stuff.

#2 Goal-orientation:

If you repeatedly use your conscious mind to focus on your goals, it will eventually create a corresponding neural pathway–as per Hebbian learning. It will also, eventually, register in your subconscious, which then starts synthesizing information to give you inspiration and relevant ideas to act on.

#3 Priming your pattern recognition:

This is what the Law of Attraction crowd refers to as “manifesting”: when something good happens, they think it was they who MADE it happen by manipulating the universe.

That’s about 50 % correct.

It is true that their efforts (affirmations, goal-orientation, visualization) has a positive effect. But not on the world; only on their own brain–by priming it to recognize relevant information when it is presented in their environment.

So. . .

These things do work–and I’m actually a big believer in practicing them

–I’m just not a big believer in deluding myself with magical thinking.

I believe in studying success, and practicing accurate thinking.

But. . .

If you distilled the Law of Attraction down to fundamentals like this, how sexy does it sound? How many products would you be able to sell?

There would be no differentiation whatsoever in the industry (and there really isn’t).

The Law of Attraction “experts” know they wouldn’t sell anything if they made it “non-woo”.

So, what has happened, is that the LoA businesspeople have come up with faked differentiation to EXPAND the industry:

  • Buy my MAGNETIC BRAINWAVES to manipulate the universe!
  • Use the power of DIVINE LOVE to attract everything you want!
  • Raise your vibrational frequency by 50 % with MEGA MEDITATION!

It sounds like they’re offering different benefits, but they’re not.

They’re just dressing up those three fundamental principles in different clothing, and making it seem esoteric. . .

. . . like Ernest Dichter did, when he tricked women all over the U.S, that baking a cake was a challenging activity that required sophistication.

Therefore, what you have then, is an industry built on fooling uninformed people that there’s some mystic force (A.K.A the law of attraction) that is beyond human understanding, and that learning to use it is like some martial art practice that requires skill and virtue.


* * *

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  1. great
    thanks for yor good data

  2. this is great
    be good luck

  3. You just don’t understand the law of attraction fully. When a person reprograms their mind to get what they’d desire, the subconscious influences the body to, ready for it? …take action! It’s a Natural’s process based on the s simple concert that everything we do starts with our thoughts, then the body takes action as a result.

  4. interesting ! Thanks for information !

  5. Interested in both sides of the discussion on LOA. This article obviously has the intention of debunking the laws of attraction with a snarky counter arguments. They are practical, entertaining, and make sense i.e – taking action vs effortless attraction“, trying to solve the question: Should you actually work for it, or can you just wait for the universe to magically give it to you? – haha Who wouldn’t choose magic???

    The law of attraction might be one of the simplest of concepts that is misunderstood. So what is LOA? Two words – Feeling Good. That’s all that it is and what everyone wants in life, right? Feeling good provides the energy that turns into action. Feeling good and being positive doesn’t mean contrast and harsh realities don’t exist, but it is so much easier to take on all contrast in life when you feel good.

    In conclusion, this article was somewhat entertaining. Bashing competion is playing the game and gets clicks, but is built on hate. If you truly believe your theories and write with good energy and intention that make people feel good instead of angry, you’ll have over 100,000 subscribers instead of 10,000 plus.

  6. Jakes Pietro says

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  8. thinkaboutit says

    “People are funny. There are those that would quickly dismiss something they know little about, or have never really tried to experience. If you asked them if they would want a dozen people to send them positive intentions every day they’d blow you off and say it doesn’t matter one way or another. And yet, if you asked them if they would participate in an experiment where 10,000 people would send mental images of hate to them and their family every day, they’d probably decline, quickly.” I’m pretty sure you Ludving would not allow 10.000 people to send mental images of hate to you and your family, would you?

  9. We all are unique and out of many millions of neurons in Brian. Everyone is using every alternate combination. I guess, I am right about you saying that there would be few more of them who would try to justify and spend enough time exploring their mind on LoA affairs in market.

    WELL, to be true to myself and you all, I do believe on LoA but my believe is far more there on other concepts. Still, there are two truth i know:
    a) What so ever i read and understand, i would not be calling them as truth until and unless i experience it completely. For example, the night Buddha got en lighted , he was very sure that he is no more like other human being. He can feel completeness and moreover he knows before birth memories…not only his own but he can tell about others as well.. as like he himself is now a part of collective consciousness.
    a) Life long research, reading and experiences can’t make me GOD. This life and mind itself is very small to understand our creator. And we haven’t yet understood the creature( our self). we are still trying to figure out puzzles of DNA and neurons and How brain function overall ?

    So it is completely waste making comments on anyone’s thought.. if you are the real person to yourself and the important thing for you – could be to take it and leave the rest. Never try to judge others. What seems to be right for for you is right.

    I never post comment. But the writer of this article really have impressed me someway. Well, i am interest now to write a book where i am thinking about telling timeless life journey and experiences, lessons from Gita, Krishna consciousness community, LoA believe system, viewpoint on life of jesus, our problems aren’t problem rather they are greater deals for soul life.

    For my comment, i would be looking for some reaction in my mailbox. Hope, i get to make some new friend through this post. We won;t get much friends to talk about these in cities, the playground is WORLD !!

  10. YesIHaveaName says

    So, you say that believers in the LOA have their nice, cosy little forum where they all agree about what they believe and no-one who holds an opposing view is welcome. In fact, anyone who doesn’t believe in the LOA is clearly an ignoramus and must be turned on and seen off forthwith.Which in your view means that these LOA chappies aren’t capable of defending their beliefs. Have I got that right? So, the comments on your, er, ‘article’ – all seem to support your view, clap you on the back and generally agree with and applaud you. You all hold the same beliefs. You think everyone who doesn’t believe as you do is an idiot. Um…sound familiar at all?

  11. Wont lie -I am a believer in the law of attraction. I’m not ‘hardcore’ defender since whatever works for you.
    I can only say it has contributed to SAVING my life. After

    Is my situation on the surface much better? Technically worse f

  12. anonymous says

    Heh, it seems the person you quoted in your original article called memo dissolvedboy cannot read properly as you never mentioned him as a “she” in the first place. Maybe he wanted to feel important by implicating himself?

  13. These people you’ve been reading and responding to are all huge morons that don’t know better about LoA and it’s no wonder you disregard the concept as nonsense.

    I assure you the majority of authors, public figures, and the idiots that lap up this New Age crap about LoA are all deluded and can’t use the principle properly.

    To do LoA correctly you need to study and practise the occult intensely, for years, and you need to avoid becoming deluded by achieving success by accident. One must aim to achieve very specific and improbable manifestations and to do so with foresight of what the results will be. I don’t even normally refer to a “law of attraction” in my work but I understand that these people are trying to manifest various things into their lives and what they are doing is quite ineffective.

    Wanting/wishing has no effect upon manifesting anything. It may even make it less probable to happen in that people stop actively seeking what they want or they just create a future in which they’re still wanting/wishing for it. You have to achieve a direct state of emotional resonance towards the event to be manifested and one will often have to do a lot of work with thoughtforms and remote influencing others and so on to ensure the manifestation is pulled off.

    I recommend you check out montalk.net as Tom Montalk is basically right about how to do it correctly however he doesn’t go very in-depth about it at all.

    I don’t expect you to believe me and that’s fine. I’m one of those people that likes to challenge his own views and debunk himself whenever possible. I’ve never blocked, banned, or otherwise silenced or ignored dissidents in my life and my site /fringe/ is host to both skeptics of the paranormal and supporters and isn’t some feels-safe hugbox where some sissy is shielded from criticism and having to defend his views. I like to put on my skeptic fedora and do some tipping myself every now and then.

    Truth about this LoA stuff is the vast majority of humanity does not have the discipline to get good at it and to go through all the years of study and training required for it. They want incredible results with little effort and they want to believe comforting lies and not go the full distance towards mastery over the process. The kind of time and effort you have to put into it is such that you should be dedicating practically all your time awake and asleep (I am lucid in my sleep and can continue thinking then, I know most people are not, but that’s all productive time for me as my mind never shuts down or goes into a normal sleep mode). Even after years of development you’ll get pretty good but it’ll still be a gigantic effort to make some small, inconsequential, but still extremely improbable things happen; aka you probably aren’t going to be winning the lottery but you might be able to decide you’re going to go out into a park on a specific day at a specific time and you’re going to sit down at a bench and see a very specific stranger you saw in a trance that you’ve never seen in person before there and they’re going to walk up to and say something specific to you while assuming a specific posture and when you go out and actually do this the person shows up, they look just like you saw them, they have the same clothes, they assume the same posture, and they say what you expected them to say.

    What is the value in doing all of this when you probably aren’t going to get rich and nothing is going to come easy to you? Well it’s all about the insight it gives you into the nature of reality. It’s kind of like practising psychokinesis to move a tennis ball across a desk and into a bin. An incredibly hard and exhausting feat and you could have just grabbed the tennis ball and put it in the bin that way; but it’s not about getting the tennis ball into that bin it’s about achieving insights into the nature of reality and your mind and what is possible. (There are some other practical uses of this ability too though such as being able to assassinate people by using PK to fuck with their organs and cause organ failure, or to heal yourself and others, or to scare someone by causing blisters and welts to appear on them when you use this force on them, or to paralyze people by hijacking their nervous system temporarily, etc. which is why shit like this is usually not demonstrated or promoted as a reality to uninitiated people who have not undergone a rigorous training in ethics and taken a vow to secrecy but none of that shit matters anyways if you’re independently self-initiated like me and therefore don’t answer to any masters who would not want you to abuse the powers they taught you. Still some people you might meet can psychomance you and know everything you’ve done in your past upon meeting you and if you were doing some unethical shit they discover they might attack you and now you’ve got to deal with being cursed and all that shit, fuck that, this is just another reason for occult secrecy.)

    Maybe after decades of development you’ll reach a point where you can pull off serious manifestations and really get rich, completely dominate other people, and actively force into manifestation all sorts of amazing and improbable experiences on a regular basis. If you do get to that point and have lived through all the dangers and trials inherent in this work, have not become possessed or killed off by entities you’re working with, etc. chances are you will not spout off about what you’re doing to anyone because:

    1. It’s all in vain anyways. Only a very rare and inspired sort of man would study and then train for a couple decades at something that won’t really start to pay off until many years of disciplined work later (even getting the first statistically highly improbable results that confirm for you it’s real and put your doubts to rest will probably take 2-3 years under ideal conditions of development). Most people won’t believe and if you show them anything you can do that they will typically react with fear or hostility or they might be shocked and deny the evidence before them and of the few that don’t react negatively they might just come up with their own stupid and incorrect theory to explain what you just did (like “hurr durr he works with the devil!” or “hurf durf it’s a trick, I don’t know how it’s a trick, but it surely is one” *proceeds to stick banana up ass*) despite them not being able to reproduce the results of what you did.
    2. When developed to a high degree it’s very powerful and very dangerous both for the magickal operator and for anyone that might become a victim of their influence. You are seriously risking your life and soul in pursuing this line of development and many occultists become absolute trainwrecks crippled by the occult forces they work with into ending up in an insane asylum or dead from apparent suicide or organ failure or what have you. This fact is why any magician that wants to survive should be extremely patient and really study and be careful each step of the way as they proceed and never trust fully any entities or authors be they from the astral or this physical plane for all are capable of lying and passing on misinformation unintentionally or otherwise. Never do anything that your reason should tell you is an incredibly stupid decision like offering up your soul to some entity in exchange for power (they can usually take what they want by bruteforce anyways but some are weak and don’t want to encounter any resistance in trying to possess or influence you so they’d love some idiot to offer themselves up willingly).
    3. Why bestow sacred knowledge upon the unworthy? Why caste pearls before swine?
    4. Why potentially give someone the means to enforce their political agenda on the world that might run contrary to your own vision for how things should be? Why enable someone else to possibly cause your own demise?
    5. Why reveal powers (as in full demonstration and then painstakingly going through the effort to explain the process and getting the person to read the same books as you and not just writing a post like I’m doing right now where nothing is really proven) like this to anyone other than who you love and trust and deeply desire that they ought to carry on your magickal work after you pass on from this sphere of consciousness?

    I bet you’re a busy man. You’ve probably got relationships, hobbies, your site here, work obligations, etc. eating up your time. Even if you manage to successfully search your way through all the garbage occult and New Age books to find the genuine material, a process that in itself took me many years, it will take you plenty of time still to understand and apply the legitimate teachings and you will have to eliminate many distractions/hindrances on the path. A lot of faith in the form of “I’m going to invest a huge amount of time and effort into this thing which almost nobody believes in, nobody ever shows can be done, and which is probably bullshit” is also required of you.

    In writing this post I want to see your reaction to me and see whether I’ve sewn any seeds of doubt in your mind. If you’re interested and think there is even a shred of legitimacy to what I’m talking about you can come visit /fringe/ but please be aware there are many neophytes and mundanes and sceptics posting there since anyone can post and only a few initiates and fewer still adepts and I don’t think any masters… and it’s extremely typical that the more advanced you are, the more you are too busy with actually practising and studying magick to post, so initiates and higher ranks barely ever say anything but when they do their posts usually blow the fuck out of everyone.

    tl;dr if you focus too much on the idiotic mass man you tend to miss out on the intelligent advocates of an idea and thus fail to really challenge your own conceptions of reality. Oprah and the people on that forum are the wrong sort of people to be paying attention to. Any place that caters to groupthink and hugboxing is generally a horrible place to discover the most amazing secrets about our reality. Also, the highest occult knowledge comes at the price of years of careful disciplined work and study, and there is no need to be handing over any money at all for it (although if you’re going to buy some physical copies of books and not just download PDFs obviously you ought to expect paying something for them as it does cost money for the material to make and to print and ship those books but if you’re poor or don’t want to spend money at all like me for a book that might turn out to be trash anyways just find everything you can online for free and make sure to check out the author beforehand to get an idea of whether or not it’s someone you should just ignore).

    I personally have read over about 100 occult books (unlike that stupid person in that screencap where her very first book ever was some book about the law of attraction) and probably a thousand non-occult books in my life. My all-time favourite occult author right now is William Walker Atkinson.

  14. I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction as it has been popularized by big commercial names like Bob Proctor with the goal of making more money by giving the masses hope.

    However, you clearly haven’t done your homework well. You see, LoA was first described by Charles F. Haanel in a gem that I have here at home called ‘The Master Key System’. In this book, through meditation, the author tries to explain that the world ‘without’ (i.e. your environment, lifestyle, the people around you etc.) reflect the world ‘within’. Based on that premise, all he really explains is that a man needs to control his own thoughts and make sure they are seeds that will grow into big trees that blossom year round so to say.

    In a way, this is also in line with great thinkers like Buddha or Mahathma Ghandi who believed that thoughts become words which influence your emotions which will influence your behaviour and therefore, your actions and destiny.

    He also explains the power of the subconscious, giving the example of how people who just start out can play the piano but once it’s in their subconscious they can play and talk at the same time. Hence, the subconscious is more powerful which is why the conscious mind should make sure that it doesn’t feed negativity through internal dialogues and thoughts to it. This is tricky, especially if you are having a really shitty day, but that’s when the gates are most vulnarable so to say.

    With regards to ‘attracting’ things in life Charles F. Haanel gave some exercises where you had to go back to the origin of certain objects. One examplke was a battleship. Obviously it’s made out of metal, plastic, oil, rubber, you name it. The technology was invented by many people who lived before those you built the ship and obviously for the first battleship it needed to pass congress. Because it was given a go in congress, done so by representatives of ‘the people’ he basically says that the tangible manifestation of that battleship already existed in the minds of others.

    And this is true, because if it wasn’t then you wouldn’t be able to write this article. You probably had a vague idea in mind as to what you were gonna write about. hence, it all starts with a thought. There is no cosmic energy that magically brings you a ferrari if you think ferrari, but if you deliberatly control your thoughts and make sure they are positive in nature, filled with abundance, you might take actions that result in you getting that ferrari.

    Honestly the only reason I even comment on this is because I saw the email and was reading this book so I felt obliged to comment. That being said, Im unsubscribing now and I don’t give a damn if you got recommended by victor pride. In general I find your blog a culmination of mental masturbation mixed with overly analytical information. Im sure there is a ‘market’ for that and by all means you do what you want to do but it’s not for me, Im more practical.

    For example, everytime I’m seeing your emails Im thinking: that’s nice and all, but what are the ‘results’ originating from action during your self development journey. How much money have you made last year? How many girls have you fucked? How much have you improved your body? How much wisdom have you gained that is also applicable to life? How much life experience do you have anyways?

    It’s stuff like this that makes me mad Overthinking causes paralysis analysis and I believe that people will only be more prone to suffer from this reading your blog, hence, Im out.

    • –Noted.
      Sorry I violated your expectations by not writing about money and sex.

      • Ludvig, this gentleman’s comment shows your strategy is clearly working. I can now see why you took such drastic recent measures. I would not want such readers myself. Kudos on the clever move.

    • DK even if you are right in what you are saying (im not going to argue with you) your unstated belief seems to be that reading a blog is supposed to give motivation or somehow make you successful.

      This is the wrong way of thinking because you’re supposed to have that handled yourself, you cannot “outsource” motivation to someone else. Reading blogs for motivation is a waste of time and is basically a sign that you’re a loser (please note im not saying you-specifically-are a loser).

      I read this site to get ideas and inspiration to apply in my own life, which assumes I am already taking action to improve my life (which i am).

      And I would guess the same is true for most other readers.

      If you want motivation, read a traditional self-help book. If you want to get laid, go out and talk to women. If you want to look good, hit the gym. If you want to make money, study and develop a skill set, then work hard. But don’t try to do all at the same time, multitasking sucks.


    • Hehe way to showcase independent thinking & autonomy of mind, mr tiger.

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