I Made Fun of the Law of Attraction And Here’s What Happened

I made fun of the law of attraction[Last updated 27th August 2019]

What if I told you I had found an easy way to get rich and successful–would you be interested in knowing more?

Sure you would.

Alright, I will indulge your curiosity.

Here’s what I’d do. . .

I’d tell people whatever they wanted to hear.

I’d tell every guy he was a badass. Even if he was a lazy deadbeat.

I’d tell every 40-year old going through a midlife crisis oh, this is normal–you’ll be fine!  instead of it’s your fault for not thinking ahead.

I’d tell every old person you made the most of it, and lived a dignified life. Instead of “you didn’t attain autonomy of mind, let others think for you, and never accomplished much”.

But if I did that, it would make me a liar.

Telling people the convenient lies that they want to hear is more destructive than being honest, and telling people the harsh realities they need to hear.

But a lot of people don’t think so.

That’s why there’s a market for Law of Attraction (LoA) products.

Not that I’m an expert on the subject. . .

But here’s the secret: You don’t need to be an expert.

–You can just make stuff up.

That’s the secret of The Secret.

Because, how can you be an “expert” on something that no one knows how to do; something that cannot be proven or tested?

To be an “expert” on the Law of Attraction, do this. . .

Come up with a cool story–a convenient lie–that resonates with a sufficiently large group of people. There are two rules for doing this:

  1. Make the story general enough so that anyone can identify with it.
  2. But be specific enough to make it seem like it’s a practice, a science, or–even better–why don’t you call it a law (like gravity)?

If you do this you can get rich.

You could be a professional liar, for hire, like Wayne Dyer.

Yes, I am serious.

Although you’d probably need to polish up on your public speaking skills to make the big money, and that would take at least a few months of practice.

But you could do it!

Quit college, quit your job, quit [whatever you’re involved with].

Get into the Law of Attraction business.

Teach people how to magically attract sexual partners–effortlessly–without face-to-face communication.

Call it remote seduction.

Actually, call it something else. . .

Because that name is already taken, and you want to be ‘original’, don’t you?

Yes, I’m serious.

Someone actually coined the phrase “remote seduction” before you could.

I know this because:

Remote seduction believers put up a thread about me on their forum. . .

. . . and I just spent the last hour reading it, laughing my ass off.

Here’s the back story:

About a year ago, I wrote an article where I debunked the Law of Attraction and explained the basic neuroscience behind it. Someone on that forum found it, posted a thread about it, and it caused a ruckus.

In the thread, they debate (if you can call it that) on the topic of “taking action vs effortless attraction“, trying to solve the question: Should you actually work for it, or can you just wait for the universe to magically give it to you?

Below you’ll find a sample of their discussion (in grey), accompanied by my commentary (in normal text).

Check it out:

i made fun of the law of attraction maverick

“The article is pure truth and pure gold. Completely rooted in reality. That wouldn’t make sense to most of you here who are deliberately trying to control the reality (external circumstance) under the guise of  “accepting” it.”

Wow, this guy gets it. That about sums up the point I made in my article.

This begs the question: What is he doing on that forum!?

Then comes everyone else–and my article is met with much resistance.

Their group homeostasis–the status quo of the forum–is temporarily broken.

poking fun at LOA people

“This guy [Ludvig] is plain retarded!”

I guess these people don’t take too kindly to outsiders scrutinizing their religion. Death to the infidel!

syrena loa

“For a moment I thought I was gonna see my username there too LOL!”

Your wish is my command–now look at what you manifested!

“Posting others usernames there without their authorizations. . .”

It’s a forum. That means it’s public information.

If you have a problem with that, I suggest you:

a) Get off the forum (recommended), or;

b) Don’t write stuff you cannot stand for.

If you write something, get quoted on it by someone else, and then complain about it–guess what means?

That means you don’t have integrity.

Don’t get angry at me for “exposing” the flawed thinking of your forum friends. Get angry at them for writing it.

“I can’t understand why they [SGM LoA article comment section] say we must take action.”

Me neither. Why take action when you can effortlessly manifest reality?

You are masters at manifesting the divine power of the universe, and I am just a novice. My vibrational frequency is incomparable to yours.

“I kinda doubt the dude from the article has researched deeply about the LOA and the subconscious mind which is the thing behind LOA.”

You’re right. . .

I need to go back to the drawing board. The Law of Attraction is highly advanced stuff, way above my understanding.

There are LoA masters hard at work right now, trying to manifest an alien spacecraft that will take mankind to Mars (Elon, give it up already–your efforts are not needed–we’ve already got Earth’s brightest on it!).

And then. . .

. . . just when the confusion in the forum reaches a crescendo, suddenly a bona fide LoA remote seduction MASTER shows up to shut up the doubters, impose his authority, and restore order in the thread:

LOA commenter

“I know that you two (you know who you are) aren’t LOA masters otherwise your posts wouldn’t be so negative. I’m one of the people that successfully attracted someone back using RS so it would be nice if you would kindly shut up and listen to what others have to say.”

 Yes, that will shut up the dissidents!

Way to go chief.

Wait a sec, let me see if I understand that correctly: to be a master at the Law of Attraction, you need to post only positive comments on the forum?

That doesn’t sound too hard. Maybe I should become an LoA master?

Ah. . . maybe that would get me the respect I so desperately crave?

Or maybe, I should become an LoA “expert” and get rich by scamming gullible people such as yourself?

. . . Starting next week, SGM becomes Simple Guaranteed Manifestations.

Another forum member comes up with a solution for solving the dispute:

bb LOA

“Maybe we should all visualize positive comments from certain people! If we stop expecting the negative it will go away!”

Yes, let’s (try to) wish away reality!

Great idea. . .

. . . because there is no problem that positive thinking cannot solve!


This person doesn’t understand the limitations of positive thinking.

Maybe he or she should read a book on stoicism (I recommend Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations), to get acquainted with what factors can, or cannot, be controlled in life.

Another forum member tries to bring the discussion to a conclusion:

loa struggle

 “If you feel struggling for something — you are obviously doing it wrong. Sit back and let the universe do the rest.”

Thanks for CONFIRMING what I said in my initial article–when I first mocked you people:

Things should come to you effortlessly. Remember, if you exert any real effort, you must be using the LoA wrong!

–Ludvig Sunström

After this, the discussion reaches a climax, and the “action vs manifestation” dispute seems to have been resolved (actually, it wasn’t).

Forum members then celebrate their victory over the bad guy (me), and reinforce their religious belief in the LoA by watching their favorite video of how Oprah manifested her desires.

oprah loa

“The Oprah Video on SURRENDER and how she got the role in The Color Purple movie is the perfect example of how you manifest.”

For some reason, this got me laughing so hard that I (stupidly) went on YouTube and searched for the term “Oprah + manifesting” and spent ended up wasting 15 minutes looking at Oprah & Wayne Dyer videos.

(I have included a video below.)

What Can We Learn From This?

First: that there are lots of people who will believe whatever convenient lies they want to hear–rather than hearing the harsh truths they need to hear. That, right there, is a good lesson in marketing.

Second: that stupid people congregate on forums, to confirm their beliefs, rather than stress-testing them against smart people with opposing opinions.

And here’s a little something to consider:

What (business) functions does the Law of Attraction industry fulfill?

  1. It serves as a consolation prize for people who have a hard time trying to figure out how life works.
  2. It gives intellectually lazy people ONE easy answer to getting everything they want (just believe and it’ll come true).
  3. It helps losers who’ve given up on trying (to change their lives) a way to cope with their dissatisfying circumstances (like a hospice for the terminally ill).

So, what is the Law of Attraction REALLY based on?

Simple, the LoA boils down to three things:

#1 Hebbian learning (repetition):

Hebbian learning states that “neurons that fire together, wire together”.

Meaning, that when you think about something, feel an emotion, or do a thing, it’ll be easier to do the next time, and more likely to happen again. And if you repeat it compulsively, you can turn it into a habit or a mindset.

The Law of Attraction distorts this simple principle into a bunch of feel-good catchphrases about desire, abundance, and other cool-sounding stuff.

#2 Goal-orientation:

If you repeatedly use your conscious mind to focus on your goals, it will eventually create a corresponding neural pathway–as per Hebbian learning. It will also, eventually, register in your subconscious, which then starts synthesizing information to give you inspiration and relevant ideas to act on.

#3 Priming your pattern recognition:

This is what the Law of Attraction crowd refers to as “manifesting”: when something good happens, they think it was they who MADE it happen by manipulating the universe.

That’s about 50 % correct.

It is true that their efforts (affirmations, goal-orientation, visualization) has a positive effect. But not on the world; only on their own brain–by priming it to recognize relevant information when it is presented in their environment.

So. . .

These things do work–and I’m actually a big believer in practicing them

–I’m just not a big believer in deluding myself with magical thinking.

I believe in studying success, and practicing accurate thinking.

But. . .

If you distilled the Law of Attraction down to fundamentals like this, how sexy does it sound? How many products would you be able to sell?

There would be no differentiation whatsoever in the industry (and there really isn’t).

The Law of Attraction “experts” know they wouldn’t sell anything if they made it “non-woo”.

So, what has happened, is that the LoA businesspeople have come up with faked differentiation to EXPAND the industry:

  • Buy my MAGNETIC BRAINWAVES to manipulate the universe!
  • Use the power of DIVINE LOVE to attract everything you want!
  • Raise your vibrational frequency by 50 % with MEGA MEDITATION!

It sounds like they’re offering different benefits, but they’re not.

They’re just dressing up those three fundamental principles in different clothing, and making it seem esoteric. . .

. . . like Ernest Dichter did, when he tricked women all over the U.S, that baking a cake was a challenging activity that required sophistication.

Therefore, what you have then, is an industry built on fooling uninformed people that there’s some mystic force (A.K.A the law of attraction) that is beyond human understanding, and that learning to use it is like some martial art practice that requires skill and virtue.


* * *

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  1. Hey man, I see you mentioned Stoicism, might I recommend Seneca’s philosophy as a better alternative to Meditations by Marcus? Both are really good, but Seneca’s had a stronger effect on me.

  2. Great article, and sharp reasoning Ludvig.
    4 years back in High School, I picked up a copy of “The Secret”. Even then I did not believe half of the things it said, for they sounded too good to be true. Nevertheless, being the inexperienced high schooler I was, decided to believe the other half. The next week I appeared in a national level exam, and co incidentally topped nationally. Mistaking co-relation for causation, started to believe in LoA. Only over the course of the next month did I realize ( with my fair share of experiences) that results require preparation and effort, not just wishful thinking. The truth does hurt, but it sets you free. Stopped believing in the LoA nonsense completly since then.

  3. Samuel Welch says

    Good job exposing these types for the frauds they are. I hope this article goes viral. I have shared it on FB + Twitter (all I use), hopefully that makes a difference.

    A request:
    You are in your 20s right? I am too. Could you write an essay on how you see the 20s to 30s? I know you are pretty strategic, so I figure you have a plan for what to do. It would be nice if you could share it.
    I would find that helpful because I am struggling with big decisions, and I know you don’t have time to respond to my emails, but your input would be most appreciated so how about writing an article on it? I would think many more people in my situation read SGM and would find it equally helpful.

    And if you don’t want to write an entire essay, please just respond here.


    • That sounds like a good idea–and I think I will write such an article.

      Here’s a short answer:
      The 20s are like a gauntlet, where most delay, or find excuses not to, enter the gauntlet. But the only way to greatness is to successfully go through the gauntlet.

  4. Summary:
    Replace magical thinking with accurate thinking. Understand that certain elements of LoA (like “manifesting”) violates multiple real-world principles. Other than Hebbian learning, goal-oriented behavior, and pattern recognition/priming, LoA is crap that’s not worth spending either time or money on.

    And just because a million people on a forum *think* otherwise doesn’t change the underlying reality. All their *evidence* is self-confirmatory and story-based hearsay.


    Not said in article, but my opinion: isn’t it a little strange that all the people (including rich ones) who sell LoA-based products don’t have any success outside of that?

    • No, it’s not strange, because they’re scammers. Take someone like Kevin Trudeau, he is one of the most famous/successful people in that niche, and all he’s ever done is scam people in a multitude of clever ways. He has even made a career out of it, being a modern-day snakeoil salesman!

      He certainly fits the description of being a grade A psychopath.

      Here are some random excerpts of his “career”:

      “the product says it gives tools on how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest readers’ desires. The packaging also says it contains key links to using the Law of Attraction that are missing in other publications. ”

      *Missing in other publications? That means it’s got to be something unique!

      “He also says he was “taken in” by a mysterious group called “The Brotherhood” that taught him the secrets that he is now widely announcing in his book.”

      *Wow, even more secret than the original secret. I bet LOA folks found that one heavily intriguing.

      “One of the major complaints about Trudeau’s infomercials is that he makes only vague references to scientific studies, making them impossible to cross-check for accuracy.”

      *How sloppy. I wonder if it is intentional?

      “In 1990, Trudeau posed as a doctor in order to deposit $80,000 in false checks”

      *I guess you can’t explain your way out of that one…..

      I could go on. This guy is crazy, but what’s even crazier is that lots of people buy his stuff and he’s made many millions.

    • Nice summary, going to feature it.

  5. My sister and her husband read this book and kept telling me to follow the instructions because it “totally works”. No thanks, I prefer to earn what I want, not wait around for it.

  6. Several LOL moments in this article Ludvig!

    You hit the nail on the head. I recently decided to STOP reading on Steve Pavlina.com due to the fact I discovered an old article where he tries to claim we have not observed the laws of physics, we have created them. A man who makes this type of claim is not fit to teach me anything.

    I’d like to see them manifest water in the desert for example.

    On the upside of this, with a vast majority of the population being this lazy and gullible, it gives people who can think a massive advantage :)

  7. Ludvig,

    While this article was amusing, I’m sure that almost everybody who reads your blog knows that the so-called ‘LoA’ is B.S.

    Arguing with followers of the LoA will be useless–they are so far into the b.s., that, psychologically, they will find any justification to their actions and deny the soundest of logic. Imagine spending an hour a day doing something that someone else will then tell you is (a complete waste of)not a good use of time. “Death to the infidels!” is easier than admitting a huge mistake. Ignorance is bliss.

    But I know that you, of all people, know that the above is true. So–my message to you–is to fight a worthy battle.

    Your time is WAY too valuable to be spent on an LoA forum.

    • “Your time is WAY too valuable to be spent on an LoA forum.”

      I agree with L on this, even though you probably just spent an hour or so there.

      Btw Ludvig could you give some insight into what you’ve learned from building a popular blog? Or maybe how it has benefited you so far? Also, do you have many female readers (is it possible to find out, or are readers anonymous)? Otherwise, I was thinking that maybe I would start up a blog in a similar vein, but specifically for women. If I find more time off from work, that is.

      • I would find such a site interesting, although I might not have much to say. Ludvig’s site stands out among masculine-oriented sites because it has valid, meaningful, male-directed content without the usual bullshit (pushing of useless supplements, pick-up artist drivel, magical thinking, self-aggrandizement, money-worshipping, wallowing in mass-marketed phony machismo, etc.) that pervades the “manosphere”. Will you do a parallel service for a feminine audience, or target women who have masculine-typical aspirations?

      • Actually, I too would be really curious to check your site out.

      • While I concur with what you write, Abgrund, I don’t know that SGM is a “manosphere” site, but perhaps more self improvement meets philosophy.

      • Jen,

        Benefits of a big blog::
        –You can meet a lot of interesting high-value people and connect through shared interests.

        Bad about a big blog:
        –There are lots of trolls, haters, and rude idiots on the Internet. You must develop a thick skin.

        When I started out I used to be a ‘blog optimist’, as in thinking that everyone else should also have a site, because of the initial success I had with my site. That made me biased in thinking it’s easier to have ‘online success’ than it is.

        But now I am more of a ‘blog realist’, in the sense that I don’t think everyone should start a (serious) blog, because I see most people failing at it. And it requires a lot of time, effort, and experimentation until you find what works for you. . .

        If you go at it half-assed, even for several years, you may never hit any critical mass (unless you’re good at SEO, and most people are not, myself included).

        My first year of blogging, when I just did it for fun, got me exactly nowhere in terms of readership. But it was important for psychological buy-in, to get the initial momentum going, for myself.

        In summary: there’s a pretty big difference between blogging for fun vs doing it as a serious thing, and you should decide on a long-term strategy from the get-go. Most people you see who have popular blogs have either put in a heck of a lot of effort, or they’ve been at it for years, practicing.

        Female readers:
        My Google Analytics says that about 40 % of visits are from women.

      • John, I did not say that SGM was part of the “manosphere”. I said that it was male-oriented and had male-directed content. I think both of these things are clearly true, and it’s no accident that most of the people commenting here are men. Many of Ludvig’s articles have been concerned with things like bodybuilding and aggressive strategies for seeking success in the form of wealth and/or power. Everything is based on the assumption of individual responsibility and there is nothing about personal relationships. I do not recall any articles about romance, childraising, or even studying/emulating the great women of history.

        As far as the “manosphere”, SGM is perhaps on the fringe; that’s just a matter of how you define “manosphere”. I’m certainly not equating SGM with sites that are reactively anti-feminine. But there isn’t any feminine content here.

    • Thanks for showing interest guys!

      For Abgrund:
      “Will you do a parallel service for a feminine audience, or target women who have masculine-typical aspirations?”

      I hadn’t given that too much thought to be honest! I just wrote that first comment off the top of my head because I was inspired and felt it could be a fun thing to do on my free time.

      And thanks for the tips Ludvig. I appreciate that you’re being up-front, and not trying to give me any illusions about what it takes, you probably saved me a lot of time here. I have been doing some research for the past few day about this, and it seems I totally underestimated the learning curve and other stuff required for a so-called serious blog.
      I may start up a private blog though, that is more in alignment with my expectations of maintenance.

  8. “and that learning to use it is like some martial art practice that requires skill and virtue.”

    You remind me of the PUA scam right there! I really felt like a martial art. In fact, the creator, Mystery, calls it “venusian art”. Yeah.

  9. The dupes of LoA and similar scams are stuck in what Piaget called the “pre-operational” stage of mental development (typically of 3-6 year olds). One of the symptoms is the inability to comprehend basic facts about how the world works, like causality and the separation of fantasy from reality. Another is puerile egocentrism – it simply does not occur to them that other people, like themselves, have thoughts, feelings, intentions, etc.

    A ten year old of normal mental capacity, believing in something like the Law of Attraction, would quickly realize that if it works for her, it could work for other people, and those other people might not want the same things she wants. If you magically wish yourself to find a $100 bill on the sidewalk, you are wishing someone else to drop it – and someone else may be causing YOU to lose your money. Using the Law of Attraction to get things one has not earned or created requires stealing them from someone else.

    Remote Seduction is even more sinister. If it were true, the practitioners of this alleged art would be using mind control to force social and sexual obedience from people who /don’t want them/. It never occurs to these developmentally impaired clowns that there might be some fat smelly scatophile using Remote Seduction to control /them/ to get what /he/ wants. Like a five year old, nothing ever enters their mind except what /they/ want.

    The next big market, for the next highest tier of idiots, is selling /protection/ against the Law of Attraction. Don’t let someone else cheat you out of your hard-earned lottery prize while you keep losing! Don’t let that hobo passed out in the alley visualize you into sucking him off! Charms against the evil eye, only $1.00 plus shipping and handling! Think of how much it might save you, can you take that risk?

    • That’s a million dollar idea!
      I would happily pay 10 % of my paycheck for such a monthly protection subscription. Maybe if you are fast Abgrund you can beat any potential competitors to setting up shop before you do. If you don’t have money, why don’t you attend the Dragon’s Den and pitch them on it first? They could surely support you financially!

      • Actually, that sort of “product” is already available, at least in the form of charms against the evil eye. If I was that kind of person, what I would market would be an explicit negative use of the “law of attraction” – a Law of Distraction, if you will. Meditate on the disappointment of your enemies, or visualize yourself shrugging off the manipulations of remote seduction. It might really be a gold mine, but only for someone without self respect.

  10. What are you talking about that the law of attraction violates supply and demand? I get the physics part and the non-accurate thinking part, but I know relatively little about economy and business.

    • I think it means that if no one solicits your services, like a beggar or a street musician, then no amount of “law of attraction” praying will help you. You gotta do something people want in the first place, you can’t just wish away reality.

      Ludvig wrote an article about a similar topic (and the mindset behind it) some time ago that is worth reading.

      Basically, you can’t just “pray” or “beg” for help, you need to deserve it. And when you take that mindset to business it means that you have to consider supply and demand.

  11. From having checked out your twitter i know youre also a fan of Ray Dalio, so LOA violates (as you surely know) long-term thinking & higher order consequences.

    Or well, I don’t know 100%, because I am not that well-read on LOA, but that’s my guess.

  12. I think you have to be careful what you believe.

    1) People need hope.

    The underlying message of LOA is that you *can* have whatever you “want” as long as you believe it’s there for you. It’s very hard to explain properly, but it’s not “wishful thinking”, it’s being content with what you have in the appreciation that it will multiply by focusing on it, eventually bringing you “in alignment” with the things you feel you need.

    For example, if you feel lacking in a partner, instead of wishing for the partner, focus on the joy you had with them, and go out to find a new partner who you can give the same.

    “The Secret” is not the first to advocate this (indeed, most of modern holy books have “love” and “justice” as their core teachings). However, the modern consumer culture has lead to the assumption that if you wish for something, it will magically appear (as is meant to happen if you buy things). That interpretation is entirely incorrect and will not produce the results you “want” because you’re starting from a point of lack.

    LOA is about realizing the very heart of your person is “full” of something, and thus if you want to “attract” more of it, you just have to keep focused on it. The “wishful thinking” part comes mainly from the ego’s want of more “stuff”; as you get further into the idea, you realize that it’s not more “stuff” you want, but more chances to do what you feel naturally disposed to – what makes you “happy”.

    2) Wayne Dyer’s message is one of love and peace.

    If you listen to his lectures, he is frank and upfront about things. The best example is “The Power Of Intention”, which is – to me – one of the greatest pieces of public lecture that I’ve ever indulged. It certainly gave me massive perspective on my own life.

    He even talks about the “law of attraction” before it was cool (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xip3YjSTZlU 9:25).

    Wayne Dyer’s message is that you have to forget yourself – your own ego’s wants – and submit yourself to the will. Again, I am at a loss of how to explain, but it basically comes down to “you get back what you put out”. If you put out that you’re in need of a partner, you’ll always be in need. You have to start from a point of complete contentment that you love x or y.

    Life is ironic – the more of something you have, the more of it you get. The less of something you have, the less of it you’ll get.

    3) Where is the love? (Personal rant)

    It’s so easy to be logical. Bland. Bureaucratic. “It doesn’t conform to physics”, “You don’t get a free lunch”, blah blah blah.

    How much “science” do you want? It’s boring.

    LOA / love / etc is all an exploration of one simple idea — what *are* we?

    You mention energy can’t be created.
    Where did it come from in the first place?

    You mention supply & demand.
    Where does the “Apple Watch” fit into that? Demand can be *created*.

    You mention “Hebbian Learning”
    WHY do you learn certain things? WHAT makes someone a “genius” / “natural” at something? Did Alexander force himself to “learn” military tactics and strategy? What about his routing of the Persians at Gaugamela? Did he learn that?

    “LOA” is representative of a much deeper way of thinking & being. A way which taps into the very fabric of the universe. The place where love – true love – dwells. Love doesn’t have a face, a “label”, a name or calling card. It’s a mysterious persisting passion from which everyone & everything is a part.

    Do you “love” your life? If not, why don’t you kill yourself? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life?

    You have to be careful as to where you put your focus. If you’re not careful, your passion will be obstructed by the very logic you feel controls the world. Logic is good, but I feel there is something else there. The same thing that beats your heart, that pushes you to read this blog; the “silent voice”. Will you follow it?

    • You put it very eloquently Richard. I’m with you, especially with the conclusion of #3. Materialism can be the most cruel of religions.

      But of course I got Ludvig’s point too. Sitting on your ass and dreaming is a poor substitute for action.

  13. I’m not sure if these are violations of anything in particular (other than common sense!) but here’s why I consider the law of attraction, and those who profit off of it, to be “evil”:

    *No proof it works (as you say, it’s suggestive)

    *Losing precious time of your life due to inaction.

    *The so-called experts are unethical by tricking unknowing people into becoming even worse than when they first got into it!
    And when I use the word “evil” I mean in the sense that it probably makes the world worse over the long-term, even though it maybe makes a bunch of people temporarily feel better about themselves. Kind of like McDonalds.

    • “*The so-called experts are unethical by tricking unknowing people into becoming even worse than when they first got into it!”
      >> I think many of them are clueless to begin with!

      • Yeah that is possible, but many, such as a younger version of myself, also get taken in. I remember watching some video on this years ago and there were these scientists, quantum physicists or something like that, talking about quantum entanglement etc…like it proved LOA. Anyway, I’ll admit I bought it at the time.

  14. I’ve sometimes wondered why people quote Wayne Dyer. As you insinuate he is probably a fraudster.

    I can see how people like Tony Robbins and Les Brown — he has a similar no B.S attitude to you Ludvig — because they give actionable advice.

    Also, what kind of doctor is Wayne Dyer? It says nothing on his Wikipedia about it, or maybe I’m going blind. So, does anyone know?

    • John, I heard Wayne Dyer was involved with psychology before writing his first book “Erroneous Zones”. His Wikipedia says the following:

      “He received his D.Ed. degree in counseling from Wayne State University[2] for a thesis titled “Group Counseling Leadership Training in Counselor Education” under the supervision of Mildred Peters.[3]”

      I’ve heard from some of his earlier videos that he ran a practice to help people overcome fears etc, in much the same way as Dale Carnegie.

      A good example is one video I saw (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjhTlYfLQGk 24:00) where a woman came to him seeking help for riding bikes. He said, quite frankly, that he asked her how much she’d actually tried to get on a bike & ride, to which her answer was that “didn’t matter”, she wanted the psychology to fix her “condition”. After that, he said he took her outside and got on a bike. Within an hour, she was peddling away.

    • I guess I am going blind ;)

  15. When I first read your email, and saw the headline I thought:
    “Shit, Ludvig has got beat down by a gang of rampaging LOA crazies.”

    Now that I have read the full article I am afraid it actually will happen! :O

  16. Law of attraction is for mental children. Then when they grow up, they realize that to get what they want they can’t just apply wishful thinking, but they have to use philosophy (accurate thinking, as you call it), proper goal-setting, and hard work.

    You might like this video, it is analogous to LoA vs understanding what it takes to reach real success:


    • I don’t disagree with you.

      That video is hilarious. I wonder if his students have actively been playing a trick on him for years, leading up to the point of that video. The master’s reality must’ve crumbled when he got hit.

  17. I agree with the article but its important not to read the things retards say or be around retards. People dont realise that subconsciouly it acts as an ego boost. But that kind of ego boost can be counter productive, so subconsciouly you’re thinking “yes! Im not a retard. Im ok. I dont have to strive as hard now”. I make it a point to try and suĹ•round myself wiyh people smarter than. The second i find myself saying “haha what a moron”, I know Ive fallen into the trap. Avoid forums especially. Theres a reason you never hear Bill Gates or Elon Musk saying “haha look at those morons”.

    Theres a line from Arnold from one of his books I will quote. Fits the context:
    “I use a perfect example in the book Pumping Iron. When you have a BMW, which
    drives well although it’s not a great car, you try to race with
    everybody to prove that it has speed. But when you have a Ferrari or a Lamborghini you know you can beat anybody on the
    street. You don’t race any more. You start driving 55 on the freeway. Anybody can pass you and you know that if you step on the
    gas they’re gone. You know how good you are, you don’t have to
    prove it any more. It was the same for that period in my life. I
    wanted to think I was the greatest bodybuilder but I wasn’t”

    • You’re right. But this was too much fun to pass up.

      How many books has Arnold written? I have only read “Total Recall”. Do you recommend any others?

      • Yeah, Total Recall, Education of a Bodybuilder (highly recommend) and Pumping Iron (not by Arnold but still). I read EOAB after Total Recall. There are some significant additions. EOAB you really get to Arnold’s mindset when he was bodybuilding. You can get through it very quickly though. The latter half of the book is a workout program. The first half is biography

      • I read Education of a Bodybuilder earlier this year, and it is a average book at best, there’s too much bullshit on the side of science of bodybuilding. On the positive side, it is good for motivation.

    • What you say makes sense Shaun. But don’t you think it may also have to do with their character traits? Also, many celebrities or highly successful people put on a mask of humbleness to avoid envy & hate from people on the bottom, especially on TV.

      I cant think of any good examples right now, but I’ll get back if I do.

    • Ok this is maybe not the best example, but somewhat illustrative, at least to me, that Elon (though very gracious and humble today) was maybe not like that always, and kind of grew into his role and success.


      • No I don’t think so as those are two different things. Elon Musk may be cocky in that video but that is not what I’m talking about. I’m saying he wouldn’t waste his time dissing idiots, as he is well beyond that. In my opinion if you find yourself taking pleasure in dissing idiots it’s a sign for yourself that you are not there yet. Arnold doesn’t care if someone is too skinny, but you’ll often find “tough guys” at the gym being constantly judgmental. It applies to everything.

  18. Lol.

    I want a scroll hidden in the Himalayas. Jokes aside the law of attraction is truly like some crazy religion.

    Btw here is a tip, why don’t you post this article on their forum or bump that thread?

    It would be fun to see how they receive it, I mean if they got upset about the first article then they should go totally bat shit crazy over this one.

  19. I LOVE YOU LUDVIG. This was VERY entertaining. I was smiling to myself like an idiot. Great job, lol.

  20. Another thing LOA violates is that it doesn’t consider the Newton’s third Law- that every action has a consequence.

    I remember reading that first article when you published it and wondering if those remote seducers were for real, or if it was some joke on your side. I guess they were real haha ;)

    • Right you are.

      • Ludvig, do you think if LOA works at all it does so as a form of self hypnosis?

      • Yes, that’s what I think.
        However, I want to clarify something: While LOA is a successful marketing concept, and lots of people have got rich selling it, its underlying benefit is as a way to train you to focus. This primes your pattern recognition (RAS and PFC — two parts of the brain) for seeing what you want to see. This is helpful, but you don’t need LOA for it.
        So, it’s not “just” self-hypnosis (in terms of placebo).

    • Ohhhh so I get it! So don’t “buy”
      into that crap “buy” into yours.! Why can’t everyone just have their different believes and everyone be OK with it? So sad. You know a wise man once said “the world would be a much better place if everyone just mind your own fucking business” -George Carlin
      I’m sorry I just think it’s funny that you’re picking at an industry when at the end of your article you’re just selling a book as well. Haha and that’s OK! You go boy, get em, expose those, drop the curtain, pop the bubble of
      those working turns a better life. Shame on them!! If that’s what works for people than, who care? Geez.
      I wish you good things man, take care. Maybe you haven’t seen true magic in the world or looked into your child’s eyes. Cheers to the best days of my life, Ok and yours too! ?

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