How to Use OneNote to Create Your Commonplace

onenotecommonplace1If you are anything like most people, you probably spend way too much time in front of the computer–and know it. But what if there was a way to make that time more productive?

Such a way exists. It’s called writing–and you don’t have to be an aspiring author to do it. You simply need toContinue Reading…

When Should You Read? And How Much?

IMAG2173 If you’ve read SGM for a while you’ll know I place a high importance on reading (books).

Reading is important because for most people it’s their main way of gathering information. And people’s inputs for information invariably affect the thoughts they’ll have. That’s why you shouldn’t read magazines or watch the mainstream media. You should read books.

But, when should you read, and how much?

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23 Excellent Books You Should Read

23 excellent books you should read“How can you read so much?”

“Where do you find the time to read?”

“Reading books on your free time? Why do that — the course literature is enough.”

People seem to think thatContinue Reading…

How Successful People Read Online

how successful people read onlineIn the last year I’ve thought a lot about how people in our society take in information.

We get most of our information from reading. The problem is that we retain almost none of that information due to Continue Reading…

How to Keep a Book for Summarizing Books

IMAG1916Merry Christmas friends!

What you do when nobody’s watching matters.

How you spend your holidays matter.

How you spend your free time matters.

These things matter because they say something about who you are.

When you’re at work or in school you have an external pressure imposed on you to perform. On your free time you don’t. Therefore, this is the time when your real self shines through.Continue Reading…

How to Keep a Digital Commonplace

How to keep a commonplace bookWhenever I am surfing online and I find something interesting I add it to my commonplace book. I add all sorts of things into different sections of my commonplace. It could be a quote or an elegant section of a website I’d like to study later.Continue Reading…

The Art of Optimal Reading

How to read optimallyTo read every day  is probably the most important habit a person can have (when you do it the right way).

This post will teach you how to make the most of your time spent reading.

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