How to Eat a lot at Buffets


Certain businesses are built on the premise that the majority of the customers will not take full advantage of the service  to which they are entitled. Netflix is an example of this; the whole structure of their value proposition is that you can view as many movies as you want per month for a fixed price. Of course few people have enough time on their hands to get a real good run for their money. They watch maybe 4-5 movies a months tops. Then we have the guy who has nothing to do but to watch movies – he is getting a reaallly good bang for his buck.

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Studying Warlords – Hannibal Barca Part 1

hannibal elephants 2

“I will either find a way, or make one.”


Hannibal Barca is regarded as one of the greatest generals and military strategists in the history of mankind due to the astounding logistical feat of crossing the alps with 45000 men and 70 elephants. He ranked himself as second best in the history of war, placing only Alexander the Great and/or Pyrrhus above him, depending on what sources we get our information from. In either case it says something about his self-esteem.

Hannibal was the eldest son of the great warlord Hamilkar Barca who was responsible for uniting and transforming the Carthaginian Empire into the only  viable threat to the Roman Empire. From an early age Hannibal was instilled with hatred for Rome and is said to have sworn an oath to destroy Rome.

For fifteen years Hannibal and his army roamed around Italy and conquered much of it without any reinforcements from Carthage and remained undefeated by the Romans despite being consistently outnumbered. This was unprecedented in history as the Romans were superior in combat to everyone else.

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