Should You Talk About Your Goals or Not?

should you talk to people about your goals or notIn the past 19 days I’ve heard this question get talked about repeatedly by random people. It’s haunted me everywhere I’ve gone.

Some people have told me that I should talk to other people about my goals, while others have said that I absolutely should not.

But no one has been very convincing in telling me why I should do one or the other.

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5 Practical Ways of Becoming Motivated

motivation2Motivation is a mental state that one has to practice; it is not something you either are or aren’t. By using the 5 practical ways of becoming motivated you will slowly, but gradually, increase your level of motivation so long as you are consistent in using these tools daily.Continue Reading…

Eradicate the Magic Pill Mindset

Eradicating the Magic Pill MentalityWant to get a six-pack in just three weeks?

Want to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time using a secret strategy exclusive to the elite?

Want to get psychic powers, or better yet, psychic powers that allow you to get your ideal partner?!

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The Reason why People are Fat, Tired, and Angry

fat tired and angry

Explaining the negative cycle of why a lot of people in modern society are fat, tired, and angry; how this cycle begins to fuel itself and becomes harder to break out of the longer you stay in it; and what you can do to counteract it.


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Make a Lasting Decision

lasting decisions

Positive feedback loop of the PFC:

(This positive feedback loop is accurate for almost anything related to reference experiences and creating an upward spiral.)

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Jakob Walter – Badass Extraordinare

You think Bear Grylls is a tough guy? Wait til’ you hear about Jakob Walter.


jakob walter 3

“When I arrived at Smolensk, it was raining rather heavily, and my sled could be pulled only with great effort.  When I came toward the city, the crowd was so dense that for hours I could not penetrate into the column, for the guard and the artillery with the help of the gendarmes knocked everyone out of the way, right and left.  With effort I finally pressed through, holding my horse by the head, and accompanied by sword blows I passed over the bridge.  In front of the city gate I and my regiment, now disorganized, moved to the right toward the city wall beside the Dnieper River.  Here we settled down and had to camp for two days.  As had been reported to us beforehand, we were to engage in battle with the enemy here and also to get bread and flour from the warehouses.  Neither of the two reports, however, proved to be true. The distress mounted higher and higher, and horses were shot and eaten.  Because I could not get even a piece of meat and my hunger became too violent, I took along the pot I carried, stationed myself beside a horse that was being shot, and caught up the blood from its breast.  I set this blood on the fire, let it coagulate, and ate the lumps without salt.

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Studying Warlords – Hannibal Barca Part 1

hannibal elephants 2

“I will either find a way, or make one.”


Hannibal Barca is regarded as one of the greatest generals and military strategists in the history of mankind due to the astounding logistical feat of crossing the alps with 45000 men and 70 elephants. He ranked himself as second best in the history of war, placing only Alexander the Great and/or Pyrrhus above him, depending on what sources we get our information from. In either case it says something about his self-esteem.

Hannibal was the eldest son of the great warlord Hamilkar Barca who was responsible for uniting and transforming the Carthaginian Empire into the only  viable threat to the Roman Empire. From an early age Hannibal was instilled with hatred for Rome and is said to have sworn an oath to destroy Rome.

For fifteen years Hannibal and his army roamed around Italy and conquered much of it without any reinforcements from Carthage and remained undefeated by the Romans despite being consistently outnumbered. This was unprecedented in history as the Romans were superior in combat to everyone else.

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Life is Too Easy

Life is too Easy

And I’m not saying that to brag.

Life is too easy in modern society.

We are spoiled.

When something doesn’t go our way we get upset. We feel entitled to having reality unfold in a neat way. We have expectations of how things should be – or we resort to complaints.

But the only thing we are entitled to are our thoughts and actions. Not the events that unfold.

How many times have you not thought: “I wish things were more challenging and exciting..” Continue Reading…