Life is Too Easy

Life is too Easy

And I’m not saying that to brag.

Life is too easy in modern society.

We are spoiled.

When something doesn’t go our way we get upset. We feel entitled to having reality unfold in a neat way. We have expectations of how things should be – or we resort to complaints.

But the only thing we are entitled to are our thoughts and actions. Not the events that unfold.

How many times have you not thought: “I wish things were more challenging and exciting..” Continue Reading…

My 6-week Experiment with the UltraMind Diet


In this article I’ll tell you about my six-week long experience of doing the Ultramind diet. I’ll tell you about the results it gave me, as well as my conclusion and some takeaways both from the diet and the book.Continue Reading…

Coffee is for Closers Only


The UltraMind Solution – My Notes, Part 7 – (Last One)

In this final part of my notes from The UltraMind Solution I go through how the mental and physical health are connected, stress & relaxation as well what supplements Mark Hyman recommends.

take it easy

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UltraMind Solution – My Notes, Part 6

In part 6 you will learn about ways to boost your metabolism and how different foods and activities influence your metabolism positively or negatively.Continue Reading…

The UltraMind Solution – My Notes, Part 5

(Eating a diet of vegetables, nuts and fruist, especially such as broccoli, spinach and cauliflower will improve your body’s detoxification process)

Alright, this 5th part is going to be about the body’s detoxification, how it works and what you can do to improve its function.

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The UltraMind Solution – My Notes, Part 4

This post will be about understanding how inflammation in the body takes place and what you can do to reduce/stop it. After reading this post you’ll be more careful with what you put in your stomach seeing as how it contains 60 % of your immune system, remember!Continue Reading…

The UltraMind Solution – My Notes, Part 3

If you didn’t read part 2, go back and do so.

In this you’ll learn more about how the basics of how your hormones work, how they affect your body and finally what you can do to improve their functioning.Continue Reading…